To many of us, the word "grandmother" conjures up feelings of warmth and comfort, not to mention mouth-watering, nourishing food. Before professional photographer Gabriele Galimberti took off on one of his many trips around the planet, his grandmother lovingly prepared her ravioli for him.  

According to Slate, Galimberti told her, "You know, there are many other grandmas around the world and most of them are really good cooks. I'm going to meet them and ask them to cook for me so I can show you that you don't have to be worried for me and the food that I will eat!" Suddenly, "Deilcatessan with Love," a massive project spanning 58 counties, was born.

We hope on this Mother's Day weekend you'll take time to enjoy the gorgeous-and appetizing--results of Galimbertis' work.



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