Sometimes, the Christmas tree in the corner of your living room is more than a pretty decoration with twinkling lights. If you look closer, you'll see memories whispering as the ornaments dangle on those pine branches. That's what empty-nester Nancy Franson discovered when she pulled trinkets from a box to hang on her tree. To read more about Christmas in an empty nest, visit Nancy's blog here ...  

Image by Katerina Plevkova. Used with permission. Sourced via Flickr.


When we become Christians, we don't merely choose an eternity in heaven over hell. Rather, we are "born again"; like a newborn child, each of us enters into a new life that we fully inhabit, day-in and day-out. God desires that we pursue a relationship with him every day, in all aspects of life. When we try to live daily life for the sake of his glory, he deems it sacred.

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