We currently divide the blogs into our network into a set of featured groups. You can read all of these in the order they are posted at our twitter site. Today I'd like to feature our top blogs in our Faith category. De Veritate Because I Said So Caffeinated Thoughts Church Whisperer Coffee with Drew Ellen Haroutunian Emails to God Equipper's Network Everyday Liturgy Getting Down With Jesus Godspace If God is For Me It Takes a Church Just To Say Karenee's Backlog Love Notes to Yahweh Mark Roberts Metanoia Novus Lumen Prayers Poems Wonderings Real Live Preacher Reformissionary Stepping into the Light Vanguard Church


When we become Christians, we don't merely choose an eternity in heaven over hell. Rather, we are "born again"; like a newborn child, each of us enters into a new life that we fully inhabit, day-in and day-out. God desires that we pursue a relationship with him every day, in all aspects of life. When we try to live daily life for the sake of his glory, he deems it sacred.

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