L.L. here, with Random Acts of Poetry. There is something about history that intrigues. My eldest daughter is especially drawn to the mysteries. Why did people abandon the city of Milakpur Kohi? Was King Tut assassinated? What did the hanging gardens of Babylon really look like? The mystery, the questions, tap something deep in the human soul. I guess that's why I was drawn to nAncY's poem time. It asked, and I asked with it, in my heart... o seven wonders of the world where are you now temple of the seven lights of earth scattered as the people and their words nebuchadnezzar's dream of a head of gold breast and arms of silver belly and thighs of brass legs of iron feet of iron and clay the stone from the mountain will fly through the air the druid circle undone as time moves on tower of piza why do you lean what happened to all the kings and queens and why is britain so great presidents and gurus emperors and czars donkeys and chariots trains and cars out of the ancient into the moment of truth time to choose ALL RAP PARTICIPANTS LL’s Rabia’s Confession Kelly’s Impressions: New York City Monica’s Ancient Ted’s Noise Joy’s A Wander and Conjunction Erin’s Writing on the Wall Simple Country Girl’s Really Real to Me Glynn’s Dionysus Stephie’s Great Pharoahs of Egypt Maureen’s Cave Story Laura's The Ancient of Days Jessica's Pennsylvania Countryside Kathleen's En Gedi Glass Bangles photo and post by L.L. Barkat.

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