This is an exclusive offer to members of The High Calling community. This year, we are paying for someone to attend the Laity Lodge Writer’s Retreat, September 29 - October 2  at no cost. We will even cover your travel up to $400.

And yes, that's Laity Lodge in the picture. It is one of the most beautiful places in the world. In my humble and slightly biased opinion.

How is this possible? Each year, we convene our editorial staff at the Laity Lodge Writer’s Retreat for a time of reflection, strategy, professional development, and fun. This year, one of our editors is unable to make the retreat, and we have decided to offer the space to our community. (We are even extending a 10% discount to anyone who tries for the free trip, as long as there are spaces left.)

This year’s Laity Lodge Writer’s Retreat instructors are each experts in their field. Greg Wolfe edits Image Journal. Jeffrey Overstreet has won two Christy Awards for his fiction. Julia Kasdorf was awarded a 2009 NEA fellowship for poetry. And that is just a taste of what you can expect. Several editors from Christianity Today will also be at the retreat, as well as editors and others. Best of all, the intimacy of Laity Lodge allows writers and editors to mingle with each other in an easy, organic way that doesn’t have the tension and high expectation of many writer’s conferences. But that doesn’t mean we don’t get down to business, too. Last year, two of our attendees received book contracts as a direct result of connections at the Laity Lodge retreat.

How can you try for a chance to attend the Laity Lodge Writer’s Retreat for free? It’s simple.

Three Easy Steps

1)       Tell us why you need to be there
…in a post on your personal blog or Facebook account. Be sure to include a link to the retreat page ( so people know what you are talking about. And we strongly encourage people to display The High Calling badge proudly in their sidebar!

2)        Leave us a comment on or before Tuesday, September 6
with a link to your post (that’s when I’ll send you the 10% discount code).

3)       Share your post with others to help us spread the word about Laity Lodge with as many people as you can. You could do this
…via Email.
…on Facebook, reference @thehighcalling and @laitylodgeretreatcenter with your link.
…on Twitter, you can reference @thehighcalling and @laitylodge with your link, like this: “I want to go to the writer’s retreat at @laitylodge with @thehighcalling! [insert your link]”
…on another social network of your choice.

After we receive the last entry, we will draw a name from the participants. That person will come to Laity Lodge a month later—and it could be you!

You only have until Tuesday, September 6, to post your essay online, though, so don’t delay!

UPDATE: It's Wednesday, September 7, and we just finished our drawing. Read more to find out who won!

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