Is the work you do always stimulating, challenging, and rewarding? If so, I envy you—and is your company hiring? In my experience, every job has aspects that are, to put it lightly, not very exciting. As our economy gets more and more complex, it's easy to feel like just another cog in the machine. 

But is what we do all about the excitement we can get out of doing it? If we can focus on the way we work, and the quality of what we do, it's possible that we might find fulfillment in more than the attention our work can bring us. 

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When we develop a relationship with Christ, we want to grow like Christ in word and deed. We want to develop Christ-like character. However, as sinners saved by grace, we approach ethical growth knowing that, compared to Christ, "all our righteous acts are like filthy rags" (Isa. 64:6). We act ethically in order to glorify and imitate him, but we humbly understand that we will never be him. We act ethically in response to the One who acted far more ethically than we can fully grasp.

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