One problem with being an effective leader today is that you are more accessible than ever. There are a thousand problems demanding your attention at any given moment, and, thanks to advances in technology, as many ways for you to address them. This can make it easy to get caught up in problem-solving, communication, and decision making to the extent that you don't have time to even think about anything else.

But ask yourself this: if I can't step back and take time to reflect on the work my company is doing, and why we are doing it, who will? As leaders, we have to maintain vision and perspective on the work we do, and sometimes the only way to do this is to take a step back. 

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Leaders must reckon with a variety of practical pressures: deadlines, financial benchmarks, reputations, production requirements. Yet we are called to lead in response to God's call for our lives, not in response to manmade pressures. This may involve worrying more about broad human flourishing than next quarter's profits, or caring for individual team members more than what "big boss" thinks of us. When we lead from the soul, we lead for the sake of God's pleasure, not the pleasure of others. And when we do this, we live into the freedom that only he can give us.

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