Leadership is often seen as a way to further our own goals—if we're in charge, we finally get to work on the projects we've always wanted to. We've put in the hours working on everyone else's projects and now it's finally about us, right? 

Well, not really. People invest in ideas that excite them, that they can see themselves meaningfully contributing to. Give them a task and tell them to get in line and they may do it, but give them a vision that means something to them and you will get results you might never have expected. 

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TRANSCRIPT:  I really do believe that in one sense people follow you for what they get out of it. I mean, we all have higher causes, and we want to be involved in things way bigger than ourselves. But, really it's about the "I want to be involved in something bigger than myself." So, as a leader, if I can tap into your dreams, into your aspirations, or your sense of significance, and if I can help you see that your being a part of something bigger than yourself will help you achieve your goals, then I think we can do something great together. But it really has to be modeled by the leader.

If people think they're signing up for "Tod's thing," they don't give nearly as much as if they think they're signing up for something that is really about us together forming something.
Leadership really is about how to get people to give you more than time, but their hearts, their creativity, their energy, to invest their whole heart and soul.


Leaders must reckon with a variety of practical pressures: deadlines, financial benchmarks, reputations, production requirements. Yet we are called to lead in response to God's call for our lives, not in response to manmade pressures. This may involve worrying more about broad human flourishing than next quarter's profits, or caring for individual team members more than what "big boss" thinks of us. When we lead from the soul, we lead for the sake of God's pleasure, not the pleasure of others. And when we do this, we live into the freedom that only he can give us.

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