Transcript: We've been married 52 years. In many ways, it's a crapshoot. I am grateful to God, but I've got no magic to give you. Talking . . . talking . . . everything out on the table. Dale and I really have tried to say what it bugging us. Dale will want to say something to me that is critical, and I will, too soon, jump on Dale and say, "But, you don't understand, you don't realize." So, my tendency has been to want to put him down too quick. Let the other person talk without jumping in. Just give them a chance to say it and listen to them. Don't keep thinking about what you want to say in response, and that has helped a lot.


When we become Christians, we don't merely choose an eternity in heaven over hell. Rather, we are "born again"; like a newborn child, each of us enters into a new life that we fully inhabit, day-in and day-out. God desires that we pursue a relationship with him every day, in all aspects of life. When we try to live daily life for the sake of his glory, he deems it sacred.

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