Aug 7, 2013
In Spencer Johnson's small book The Present , an old man tells a teenage boy that wealth cannot be measured in gold or money alone. The young man is confused. He asks, "Then what does it mean to be successful?" The old man tells the boy: "Success is whatever gets...Read more +
Aug 7, 2013
In a large aerospace company, a hundred office workers shared a single open room. One day, while working through lunch, my friend Vicky saw her co-worker Richard crawling underneath some of the desk chairs. "What are you doing?" she asked. “Lubricating the chairs,” he replied. Richard explained that the squeaky...Read more +
Aug 7, 2013
It was a big day for Debbi—the grand opening of her small business. Banking on a cookie recipe, she’d rented a storefront and turned on the lights. And who came in? No one. Not one single customer. Next day, Debbi opened her doors again—and she walked out to invite people...Read more +
Aug 5, 2013
Author Cameron Hawley was with his grandmother near the end of her life. One day she reminisced about her years as a young bride in the Dakota Territory in 1878. Hawley asked her what changes since then she considered most significant. She said, “When I was a girl, so many...Read more +
Jul 31, 2013
Benjamin Franklin, it is said, once had a powerful enemy in Philadelphia. He asked himself how he might lose this enemy, and he hit on an idea: Franklin asked the man who hated him to lend him a particular book. The man was flattered. And on the common ground between...Read more +
Jul 24, 2013
Leslie Weatherhead preached for years in London. He told the story of a young nurse at City Hospital who had just started when she was assigned a terminally ill man. Unnerved and frightened, she turned to an older physician. “Doctor, when this man dies, what do I say to his...Read more +
Jul 16, 2013
Lucas Fairchild was an amateur photographer. He was in Africa at an outdoor event that some estimated had drawn a million people. Looking across a hillside amphitheater, Lucas saw an ocean of humanity . . . faces receding into infinity. He wanted to capture the moment on film—but no camera...Read more +
Jul 8, 2013
Jane, whose business always remained small, frequently boasted about her independence. She would say, “I’m not in the business of passing out ideas for free.” She refused to join associations, and she avoided conventions. She never gave counsel that she couldn’t follow up with an invoice. Mary, a professional in...Read more +
Jun 28, 2013
Lyle Lovett is a Texas A&M graduate—from Klein, Texas—whose highly original blues/country/jazz/gospel music is known worldwide. Texas Monthly editor Evan Smith observes that Lovett’s "Large Band" is the very model of collaboration. Lyle Lovett agrees. He said, "It's immensely gratifying to work with people trying to do their best toward...Read more +
Jun 20, 2013
In 1914, Sir Ernest Shackleton set sail for the Antarctic. He and his crew of twenty-seven men planned to be the first to trek across the frozen continent. One day's sail from Antarctica, the dream ended. Their ship Endurance became trapped in sea ice and was slowly crushed, forcing the...Read more +