Oct 13, 2013
Two good friends fell into a passionate debate. In the heat of the moment, one man cursed the other. The man who received the insult said nothing. But he stooped and wrote in the dirt: Today my best friend cursed and insulted me. Days later, the man who had been...Read more +
Sep 15, 2013
There's an old story about two families moving to Plainsville on the same day. Both families met with a real estate agent who knew properties and people. The father of the first family asked the agent what the town was like. The agent said, "What kind of town did you...Read more +
Sep 6, 2013
Randy and several coworkers attended a week-long, out-of-town meeting. Once there, they were surprised to learn their hosts would provide their meals. Yet Randy’s expense account covered meals. You get the picture. Eat for free and pocket the cash. Happens all the time. Everyone on the trip agreed that for...Read more +
Sep 1, 2013
In an office challenge, Bill was always the first to offer help . . . and the last to get taken up on his offer. You see, Bill knew how to solve problems only one way: HIS way. Bill could be competent and concerned. But he was also obstinate and,...Read more +
Aug 16, 2013
Kohler, Wisconsin, is known for its luxury hotels, upscale restaurants, gardens, art museums, and a stunning lakeside golf course. How interesting, then, that this village was built for immigrant workers at the Kohler Company, known for its innovative bath fixtures. Walter J. Kohler believed his workers deserved “not only wages...Read more +
Aug 7, 2013
It was a big day for Debbi—the grand opening of her small business. Banking on a cookie recipe, she’d rented a storefront and turned on the lights. And who came in? No one. Not one single customer. Next day, Debbi opened her doors again—and she walked out to invite people...Read more +
Aug 7, 2013
In a large aerospace company, a hundred office workers shared a single open room. One day, while working through lunch, my friend Vicky saw her co-worker Richard crawling underneath some of the desk chairs. "What are you doing?" she asked. “Lubricating the chairs,” he replied. Richard explained that the squeaky...Read more +
Aug 7, 2013
In Spencer Johnson's small book The Present , an old man tells a teenage boy that wealth cannot be measured in gold or money alone. The young man is confused. He asks, "Then what does it mean to be successful?" The old man tells the boy: "Success is whatever gets...Read more +
Aug 5, 2013
Author Cameron Hawley was with his grandmother near the end of her life. One day she reminisced about her years as a young bride in the Dakota Territory in 1878. Hawley asked her what changes since then she considered most significant. She said, “When I was a girl, so many...Read more +
Jul 31, 2013
Benjamin Franklin, it is said, once had a powerful enemy in Philadelphia. He asked himself how he might lose this enemy, and he hit on an idea: Franklin asked the man who hated him to lend him a particular book. The man was flattered. And on the common ground between...Read more +