Jul 24, 2013
Leslie Weatherhead preached for years in London. He told the story of a young nurse at City Hospital who had just started when she was assigned a terminally ill man. Unnerved and frightened, she turned to an older physician. “Doctor, when this man dies, what do I say to his...Read more +
Jul 16, 2013
Lucas Fairchild was an amateur photographer. He was in Africa at an outdoor event that some estimated had drawn a million people. Looking across a hillside amphitheater, Lucas saw an ocean of humanity . . . faces receding into infinity. He wanted to capture the moment on film—but no camera...Read more +
Jul 8, 2013
Jane, whose business always remained small, frequently boasted about her independence. She would say, “I’m not in the business of passing out ideas for free.” She refused to join associations, and she avoided conventions. She never gave counsel that she couldn’t follow up with an invoice. Mary, a professional in...Read more +
Jun 28, 2013
Lyle Lovett is a Texas A&M graduate—from Klein, Texas—whose highly original blues/country/jazz/gospel music is known worldwide. Texas Monthly editor Evan Smith observes that Lovett’s "Large Band" is the very model of collaboration. Lyle Lovett agrees. He said, "It's immensely gratifying to work with people trying to do their best toward...Read more +
Jun 20, 2013
In 1914, Sir Ernest Shackleton set sail for the Antarctic. He and his crew of twenty-seven men planned to be the first to trek across the frozen continent. One day's sail from Antarctica, the dream ended. Their ship Endurance became trapped in sea ice and was slowly crushed, forcing the...Read more +
Jun 13, 2013
St. Charles Borromeos was one night with a group of people playing chess. This was a social evening; they sat playing chess. And somebody injected into the conversation that evening, "If you were going to die this very night, what would you do?" And so one person said he would...Read more +
Jun 2, 2013
That afternoon, every employee in Jenny’s department watched the clock nervously. At 3 p.m., emails would go out to those getting laid off. At 3:01, her inbox dinged. Jenny was out of work. From other cubicles, someone pounded a fist, another shouted. One person even cried. Jenny felt like doing...Read more +
May 26, 2013
The Upper Crust Café in Rockwall is a pure Texas gem—owned by Margie and Bill Orgain and known for fabulous bread pudding. "The best bread pudding on the planet," their motto says. And it comes in seven flavors. Margie Orgain's bread puddings are edible art. Every batch receives painstaking attention...Read more +
May 19, 2013
While attending a dinner, newly elected Senator Bill Bradley asked the waiter for an extra pat of butter. The waiter said, "Sorry, one pat per person." The emcee overheard and demanded: "Do you know who this is? This is Bill Bradley! All-American from Princeton. All-Pro with the Knicks. U.S. senator!...Read more +
May 12, 2013
Some while ago, we were opening a large supermarket in Corpus Christi, which was the headquarters of our company at the time. And everything was going along well. Many people were coming to see the store and the business was good, and I was busy as a little bee, making...Read more +