Dec 23, 2012
Walt Disney created Mickey Mouse, Disneyland, and founded the Disney Empire. Once someone asked him, "How does it feel to be a celebrity?" "Feels fine," Disney said, but he didn't stop there. "Feels fine when it helps get a good seat for a football game. But celebrity status never helped...Read more +
Dec 16, 2012
A friend of mine visited Plimoth Plantation, a re-creation of the village built by English Puritan settlers. Costumed role players take on the names, viewpoints, and life histories of real people from that first colony. In character, these players know nothing beyond the world of 1627. My friend approached one...Read more +
Dec 9, 2012
In 1905, when my grandmother opened her mercantile store in Kerrville, Texas, she had no visions of a large grocery chain. Her husband was disabled, and her sights were firmly fixed on family survival. The first day on the property, while sweeping out the store, she found a New Testament...Read more +
Dec 2, 2012
In C. S. Lewis' beloved story The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe , the land of Narnia is under an evil curse. It is always winter, but never Christmas. Only Aslan, the great lion who created Narnia, can break the spell. When Aslan finally comes to Narnia, so does...Read more +
Nov 25, 2012
Henry solved the world’s problems every day before lunch. Later he’d tackle the hard stuff. And he was sharp. Just ask him. No, wait: don’t ask him. Either way, he’d tell you. Sharp as he was, Harry obviously wore thin. But he had some honest co-workers who valued him. “Henry,...Read more +
Nov 19, 2012
Our friend Tony is a Christian who makes pizza. No, he doesn't spell out Jesus with the pepperoni. He says, "We can try too hard to show we're Christians. As if putting Jesus on our business cards is an endorsement from God." So how does Tony take God to work?...Read more +
Nov 19, 2012
Last night at our house we had a fierce electrical rainstorm. Thunderclaps woke us up. Jagged bolts of lightning exploded and flashed. The driving rain pelted the roof and windows. Then everything went black. Our night lights had gone off. We had lost our power. Just before daylight, the electricity...Read more +
Nov 18, 2012
Janice took a risk and told her boss the truth: his “big idea” for increased sales was a dud. It actually distracted the field staff from what did work. And numbers were down. So when Janice spoke up, her boss grew angry…at everyone else. “I’ve never come down on any...Read more +
Nov 11, 2012
These days it’s called “blood thinner”—a prescription medicine used widely to save or prolong life. A few decades ago, the same compound went by “rat poison.” That’s right: the prescription used today by millions, can also (in higher doses) shrink the rodent population. So one man’s miracle drug is another...Read more +
Nov 4, 2012
No one would call legendary Dallas Cowboys Coach Tom Landry a vain man. Yet he was one of the most successful coaches in any sport. His teams won two Super Bowls and played in three more. And Coach Landry met success with humility. His faith had much to do with...Read more +