Jan 12, 2014
The head of a large technology company felt nervous and stressed, but afraid to talk about it. If customers knew, he’d lose face. Employees must see his confidence, he thought. His peers couldn’t know—they were the competition. So behind a calm face, he lived in doubt. Drowning in fear, he...Read more +
Jan 8, 2014
At the age of eight, Glenn Cunningham suffered terrible burns in a schoolhouse fire. Although his mother convinced the doctors not to amputate Glenn's legs, they said he would never walk again. Ten years later, however, Glenn was a runner. Eventually he developed the technique of negative splitting: running the...Read more +
Jan 7, 2014
"Cat's in the Cradle" is a song about a busy father who keeps putting off being with his son until he finds the time. Years pass, and one day the son cannot find time for his father. My friend, Dave, told me about the moment his wife confronted him about...Read more +
Dec 19, 2013
Recall a Christmas when your entire life seemed to wait for one never-to-be-forgotten present. For me it was a tennis racket. My parents had great fun presenting it to me that Christmas morning. I remember it so vividly. But the greatest Christmas gift—for everyone—is Christ himself . As a child...Read more +
Dec 15, 2013
Years ago, a large shoe manufacturer sent two sales reps into the Australian outback. The company’s crazy sales manager thought he could drum up shoe business among the tribes living off the land. Sometime later, telegrams arrived from both shoe reps. The sales manager tore them open. The first one...Read more +
Dec 8, 2013
Columnist David Brooks listed the qualities of a good president. 1) Leaders live surrounded by both yes-men and critics. They must constantly choose and improvise. So even more than experience, a good leader needs character and self-knowledge. 2) Leaders are internally driven. Their outlooks were grounded before they took on...Read more +
Dec 2, 2013
Bobby was a farm kid who went into town to see the circus. His father gave him a dollar with instructions to spend it wisely. Bobby ran to town, found a roadside spot, and watched amazed as the parade passed before him. As the last clown brought up the end...Read more +
Nov 26, 2013
Sportscaster Frank Deford was a young reporter in the New York Yankees' locker room. He observed the legendary newspaper writer, Dick Young, interview a player. He saw Young shouting obscenities into the mike of a radio journalist, who was recording the player’s answers to Young’s insightful questions. You see, Young...Read more +
Nov 14, 2013
Leslie and Bill Marquard teach executives to learn more and decide better in less time. The key is collaboration. In a typical think-tank exercise, they teach a group to give up learning "one thing at a time." Instead of five people reading the same list of five important books, each...Read more +
Nov 3, 2013
In his column, "20-Second Timeout," sportscaster Bill Schoening paints a behind-the-scenes picture of what makes a winning team. During a preseason practice, the San Antonio Spurs were running offensive drills. On the sideline, veteran guard Brent Barry was reviewing plays with newcomer Michael Finley. Finley knows basketball, but every team...Read more +