Nov 24, 2014
When Mark was 13, his mom let him bake the crowning moment of their family's Thanksgiving meal—the pumpkin pie. She figured he couldn't mess up a recipe that depended on store-bought crust and canned pumpkin. Despite the distraction of his favorite college football game, Mark successfully baked a beautiful golden...Read more +
Nov 16, 2014
An old Jewish story says that when the Israelites fled Egypt, they followed each other so closely, so diligently that they never noticed the miracle happening around them. The waters of the Red Sea parted before them in a great spectacle. But the Israelites were so caught up with following...Read more +
Nov 10, 2014
Since they’d roomed together in college, Mitch and Steve had traveled separate paths. That’s how Steve saw it. About the time Steve began business school, Mitch entered seminary. You know, “God’s work.” Mitch became an associate pastor and rose in the church ranks. Steve took the corporate route. He excelled...Read more +
Nov 3, 2014
"Neither snow, nor rain, nor gloom of night shall stay these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds." So goes the unofficial motto of the U. S. Postal Service. But did you know those words hail back to the 5th century B.C.? Herodotus first penned that slogan about...Read more +
Oct 27, 2014
Entertainer Bruce Springsteen’s music has always dignified the ordinary circumstances of life. He told The New York Times , “I felt that I saw a nobility in people. Not the kind you read in the storybooks, but the kind where people go to work every day, they come home every...Read more +
Oct 19, 2014
Lisa did not enjoy her work. She should—it involved many of the things she liked to do. But just … no joy. Meanwhile, jobs were scarce, and she knew she should be grateful for twice-monthly paychecks. Meanwhile, one more thing: Lisa began to find time every morning to pray. Nothing...Read more +
Oct 13, 2014
In 2003, Hong Kong had an outbreak of SARS—a severe and sometimes deadly form of viral pneumonia. No doubt you read about it. So what saved Hong Kong’s health? One dramatic step made the most difference—hand washing. Soap and water under a faucet. And what did all that hand-washing accomplish?...Read more +
Oct 5, 2014
Carl Pendleton, a three-year starter for the University of Oklahoma football team, gave up his final year of eligibility. He did it to pursue graduate school and to care for his ten-year-old adopted brother, for whom he assumed guardianship. Pendleton said, "With the new responsibility of raising my younger brother,...Read more +
Sep 29, 2014
At the company's weekly staff meeting, Jenny was determined to stand up and stand out. All night she worked on her report. Every page, every title, every bullet point had to impress. When Jenny finally crawled into bed, she was near exhaustion, and so she slept … right through her...Read more +
Sep 21, 2014
A well-known writer named Wilford Funk loved words. He wrote multiple books to help people increase their word power. Once, to understand the idea of "genius," he researched to see how geniuses themselves defined the word. The pianist Paderewski said, "Before I was a genius, I was a drudge." Alexander...Read more +