Jan 25, 2015
Author Philip Yancey tells of two peacemakers approaching a group of Polish Christians 10 years after World War II. They asked the Poles to meet with other Christians from West Germany. The German group wanted forgiveness for its nation’s deeds in the war. The Poles hesitated and said, “No. We...Read more +
Jan 19, 2015
At her new job, Sue quickly caught on to the daily lunch conversation: barbecued bosses with a side of cut-up coworkers. In a situation like that, what does a new person do? Sue tried changing the subject—but gossip is a weed with deep roots. Eventually, quietly, Sue pulled away from...Read more +
Jan 18, 2015
It made no sense. Jim had worked at the company longer. He worked hard. And another guy gets promoted! What a blow. Jim gave himself time to stew … and, yes, he indulged in self-pity. Then he consulted a wise friend. Jim set an appointment with his manager. In that...Read more +
Jan 12, 2015
He started in newspaper work. The Kansas City Star . But things quickly turned sour, and he was fired. Fired? Why? Because, his boss said, he lacked creativity. Well, the man fired that day was none other than Walt Disney. Mr. Creativity himself. And here’s another irony: years later, the...Read more +
Jan 5, 2015
In the 1300s, a merchant guild built a magnificent cathedral in Coventry, England. Its chapels honored different vocations. Coventry Cathedral was bombed in World War II. When a new church was built alongside the ruins, engraved panels replaced the chapels. One reads: Hallowed be Thy Name in Industry: God be...Read more +
Dec 28, 2014
There’s an old saying: “You can’t choose your family, so be glad you can choose your friends.” Well, what about your coworkers? I’d say coworkers are like family. On some level, you’re stuck with them and have to make the best of it. They may feel the same about you...Read more +
Dec 22, 2014
Charles Westrill was a young, green, uninformed magazine writer when he invited T. J. Watson to a brown bag lunch—not knowing Watson was the president of IBM. Surprisingly, Watson accepted, but suggested dining at IBM headquarters. Once Charles got over the shock of his lunch date’s prominence, Watson gave him...Read more +
Dec 14, 2014
In C. S. Lewis’ beloved story The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe , the land of Narnia is under an evil curse. It is always winter, but never Christmas. Only Aslan, the great lion who created Narnia, can break the spell. When Aslan finally comes to Narnia, so does...Read more +
Dec 9, 2014
A woman named Deborah was teaching her young daughter to count. One memorable day, the little girl realized that numbers could express quantity. She said, “Mommy, I love you 10 times.” She frowned a moment and said, “No, Mommy, I love you 20 times.” Later, the little girl said, “Mommy,...Read more +
Dec 1, 2014
At The High Calling and the H. E. Butt Family Foundation, we rejoice that so many organizations are rising up to help Christians think about the integration of faith and work. And we are thankful to be part of an organization that has been thinking about integrated living since 1933...Read more +