Sep 23, 2012
Donald needed surgery. But if he left, who would run the store? Give orders? Solve problems? Of course, Donald took his doctors’ warning and took time off. And he returned to work expecting the worst. But what did he find? He found his employees busy at their jobs. Customers happy...Read more +
Sep 9, 2012
Diane Belmont moved to New York as a teenager with one desire: to act. That is, until a drama teacher panned her future in performing. So home she went. Later, she tried again and got on stage—only to be fired by three different Broadway producers. Next stop: Hollywood, where her...Read more +
Sep 2, 2012
Life dealt Norma Jean Hornsberger a hard punch. A knockout. This dedicated Salvation Army staffer was thirty-two when doctors diagnosed her with cancer. Then her husband, Al, got cancer too. The disease took them both at young ages, but first Norma Jean wrote a book about her fight. For each...Read more +
Aug 26, 2012
As the sales trip ended, Jim found his team writing furiously in the hotel lounge. “We’re totaling meal expenses,” Bob said. That confused Jim. “But our clients paid for the meals,” he said. Someone piped up: “The office doesn’t know that. Just submit and get reimbursed. I call it a...Read more +
Aug 19, 2012
At just 21 years old, Rowland knew he wanted to own a business. But when he opened a dry goods store in Haverhill, Massachusetts, it failed. Over the next 10 years, Rowland opened three more stores—and had three more failures. Despite these disappointments, however, he was learning. And still trying...Read more +
Aug 12, 2012
No doubt, Nancy was the brightest star in the growing company. If you had any doubt, just ask her. I think you get the picture: in no time, Nancy’s coworkers began to avoid assignments with her. And in no time, she began to notice. She complained to her boss: “People...Read more +
Aug 5, 2012
Since they’d roomed together in college, Mitch and Steve had traveled separate paths. That’s how Steve saw it. About the time Steve began business school, Mitch entered seminary. You know, “God’s work.” Mitch became an associate pastor and rose in the church ranks. Steve took the corporate route. He excelled...Read more +
Jul 29, 2012
Is work a high calling? Andy said,“Yeah, if you’re Bill Gates or Bono. If you have millions of dollars to fight disease or feed the hungry.” From Andy’s perspective, work was work. Period. Especially since company downsizing had lowered his position and pay. So this verse broadsided him: Whatever you...Read more +
Jul 22, 2012
Becca worked from home, and her friends envied her. “No commute!” they’d say. And while no commute was great, Becca knew the flip side: no climbing in the car to get away from work. Work was always with her. Becca’s big temptation was evenings: office time without the business phone...Read more +
Jul 15, 2012
They called it Lin-sanity: the crazy rise of a human meteor also known as Jeremy Lin. Early in the 2012 basketball season, for example, Lin popped a last-second—tie-breaking— beat the Toronto Raptors. His defender expected him to drive. Lin calmly stood and shot. Weeks before, as Lin’s short career was...Read more +