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Mothers Don't Remember
Doctors discovered cancer in Linda’s mother, and it spread like fire. Six months later, she was dying. Linda had children of her own now, but facing the loss of her mother brought deep regrets for the times she had fallen short as a daughter. “Mom,” she said through her tears,...Read more +

Good Will Working
Matt Damon plays the title role in the movie Good Will Hunting . At one point, Will's therapist challenges him to accept his math genius and use it. But Will resists. He says, "I don't see anything wrong with laying brick; that's somebody's home I'm building. Or fixing somebody's car;...Read more +

Disagree or Dissent?
In the late 1960s, when national headlines were full of reaction and dissent, historian Daniel Boorstin drew a line between the words dissent and disagreement. “Disagreement prompts debate,” Mr. Boorstin said. “Dissent means to pull apart from the others. People who disagree can still stand together. Dissenters walk away. Disagreement...Read more +

The Other Glove
Author James McDermott recalls when he was a young boy at the train station. He saw a man on a departing train fiddling with his pipe. As the man waved goodbye, he removed one glove to better handle the pipe. In his enthusiasm, the glove fell out of the window...Read more +

Ruby Bridges
In 1960, a six-year-old named Ruby Bridges integrated New Orleans' public schools. Every morning, through screaming crowds, federal marshals escorted little Ruby to a school now boycotted by whites. Every day, Ruby sat in a classroom—alone except for the teacher. Ruby’s father was fired, and her grandparents were forced to...Read more +

Caterpillars and Coworkers
Tell me: Are your coworkers caterpillars or butterflies? Creepy, slinking, sticky-fingered bugs . . . the kind you sweep off the porch? Or the colorful, graceful, winged creatures you watch with joy? The answer is: both. We're all both. A caterpillar is a butterfly-in-waiting. Those colleagues whose work habits annoy...Read more +

Think Outside the Wheelchair
The University of Hawaii has a graduate assistant football coach who can’t move or speak on his own. Brian Kajiyama has cerebral palsy. He buzzes the field in a motorized wheelchair. He speaks with a computer-assisted device. Brian joined the coaching staff after defensive line coach Jeff Reinebold took the...Read more +

Make Good Impressions
Marie de Tilly is an expert on manners. She preaches the "3 by 20 rule." Here's the rule: The first minute of a first impression has three parts of 20 seconds each: "In the first 20 seconds, we're judged by how we look . . . In the next 20...Read more +

It Is Well
Horatio Spafford suffered three major traumas. His only son died of scarlet fever at age four. In the great Chicago Fire of 1871, the then-prominent businessman was destroyed financially. Soon afterward, all four of Spafford’s daughters perished when their transatlantic ship collided with another vessel and sank. Several weeks later,...Read more +

Master Carpenter
Glenn is a master carpenter. I've seen him salvage the wood from a dilapidated pig shed—abandoned for years—and use that lumber to panel a room and finish off a closet. Glenn merely pried the boards off that smelly old pig shed—he didn't plane 'em or sand 'em. He just found...Read more +