Mar 22, 2009
Madeline wanted something unusual. The four-year-old repeatedly asked for "a white Christmas tree." She’d say: why QUIZ-mee twee. "Maybe next Christmas," her parents said, "they’d see about a white Christmas tree." For months, Madeline persisted. She wanted a why QUIZ-mee twee. And one day she dragged her dad to the...Read more +
Mar 17, 2009
In 2007, the Utah Jazz management agreed to release basketball great Derek Fisher from his contract. Fisher's 10-month-old daughter, Tatum, had cancer in her left eye. Her dad needed to concentrate full-time on finding her the best care. "Life, for me, outweighs the game of basketball," Fisher told reporters. "When...Read more +
Mar 15, 2009
In the 1972 Olympics, after one lap in the 800-meter run, Dave Wottle, in his white cap, was in last place. His extraordinary comeback to win the gold medal is one of the great stories of the games. Here’s how he described it: "The way the race developed, the [other...Read more +
Mar 8, 2009
Maybe you’ve heard Loren Eisley’s story of the starfish. A man is walking along a beach strewn with hundreds of starfish. He sees a boy vigorously throwing the creatures back out into the ocean. The man says to the boy, “What are you doing? There are too many starfish to...Read more +
Mar 3, 2009
A chemist named Spencer Silver created an adhesive with a problem: It was sticky, but not strong. Experts told Silver his glue was useless. Then a coworker named Art Fry had an idea for Silver's weak adhesive: scratch paper! "No," his bosses said. "It's pointless to compete with free scratch...Read more +
Feb 15, 2009
Nine-year-old Casey Stokes, like his namesake, loves baseball. Already it's taught him the rewards of hard work. Casey’s team was headed for the Little League World Series when his aunt asked him a question. She said, “Casey, if you were building a team and you had to choose between a...Read more +
Feb 8, 2009
A man vacationing in Hawaii noticed that the colors of the daily rainbows always appeared in the same order. Why? He Googled his question. Soon, he was watching a video of Professor Walter Lewin at MIT—a teacher famously in love with physics. Bounding across the stage, Lewin explained the “amazing”...Read more +
Jan 20, 2009
The philosopher Kierkegard gives us a great lesson for life. A flock of geese lived together in a courtyard. Once a week, they gathered in a corner of the yard. An eloquent member of their group mounted the fence to tell the wondrous legacy of their forefathers, who mounted on...Read more +
Jan 11, 2009
In 1974, Dr. John Coleman was president of Haverford College. He had written several books on labor relations. That year, for his six-month sabbatical, instead of hitting the speakers’ circuit, Dr. Coleman took an unusual path: He spent two months digging ditches . . . two months in a kitchen...Read more +
Jan 4, 2009
In the Great Depression, John Smithers lost his life savings. A woman read of Smithers’ downfall and bemoaned: “The investments of a lifetime! Gone!” But another woman who knew John said confidently, “John Smithers lost money—not his life investments.” She leaned forward. “John’s mind is full of knowledge and experience...Read more +