Aug 23, 2009
Do you remember the 45 American missionaries thrown into foreign prison for sharing their faith? These men and women faced years in harsh conditions. While waiting to hear about their appeal, the Christians held a meeting. Their leader said, "Whether we're released now or serve our sentence, when we get...Read more +
Aug 16, 2009
Forty-five American missionaries were arrested in a foreign country. Then they were tried, convicted, and sent to prison for sharing their Christian beliefs. Conditions in prison were rough. Husbands were separated from wives. Parents couldn’t see their children. So while the missionaries waited on court appeals, how did they spend...Read more +
Aug 9, 2009
Brent recently experienced "downward mobility." He was demoted. He had worked hard and long. But new owners had new ideas. And Brent was moved from a corner office to a cubicle—from a large private room to a bullpen with entry-level employees. Brent lost a little prestige, it's true. But he...Read more +
Aug 2, 2009
At the highest level of professional football, one skill separates the best from the rest—the ability to make good decisions. Bad decisions lead to interceptions or broken plays. Good decisions win the game. Millions watch on TV and decry the poor decisions of a highly skilled, highly trained athlete. We...Read more +
Jul 21, 2009
My friend Dwight doesn’t usually carry a cell phone, and I asked him why not. “Well,” he said, “have you ever noticed how people with phones feel like they have to answer them whenever they ring? Even though they have voice mail, and they’re busy doing something else, they feel...Read more +
Jul 19, 2009
God led the Hebrews out of Egypt, and he led them through the Red Sea. Then he instructed them to build a traveling tabernacle. They were about to begin a 40-year road trip, and they would need a reminder to worship. But think about it: They knew nothing about the...Read more +
Jul 12, 2009
Wendy was unhappy in her marriage and thinking about divorce. "The Bible says, 'To thine own self be true,' " she told her friend Judy. "Besides, God helps those who help themselves." "Wendy, I don’t know about your marriage," Judy said. "But I do know you're not quoting the Bible...Read more +
Jul 5, 2009
The First Chronicles genealogy for Ephraim, son of Joseph, lists 19 sons and one daughter named Sheerah. To survive with 19 brothers, Sheerah had to be one tough lady. In fact, the Bible says she built three cities. In an age dominated by men waging wars and destruction, Sheerah built...Read more +
Jun 28, 2009
In an old sitcom, the running gag was a mechanic saying to his boss, "It's not my job." The expression became popular for shirking responsibility. When people wanted to avoid work, they would say, "It's not my job." It's just the opposite with worry. Worry is the thing we're supposed...Read more +
Jun 21, 2009
Don't let anyone tell you forgiveness is easy. It's not.Christians know we should give up anger and resentment and hostility. But like leeches, we attach to dark emotions and feed on them. And feel righteous doing it! After all: we've been hurt. Workplaces can be bruising—political and performance driven. We...Read more +