May 17, 2009
A woodpecker can peck 20 times a second. A second. And if you think that little jackhammer gives you a headache, think of his cranial strain. But no . . . a woodpecker's skull has extra air pockets to cushion his brain. Even nature teaches us a workplace truth: when...Read more +
May 10, 2009
Auburn University football chaplain Chette Williams named his memoir Hard Fighting Soldier . In it, he describes the battle style of Roman soldiers. Their armor had hooks. In battle, the soldiers literally hooked themselves to one another. So each warrior fought for an entire line of warriors. A wounded soldier...Read more +
May 3, 2009
By 430 B.C., the Jerusalem city wall had lain in ruins for decades. Now the Jews began to rebuild. Why not before? Lack of courage . . . no strong leader. Then Nehemiah appeared. He longed to serve and was put in charge. And stirring courage revived a community. The...Read more +
May 2, 2009
A hard, cold winter greeted the Pilgrims who reached Plymouth Rock in 1620. Miles Standish was Military Captain for the Colony and one of the few to escape illness. His wife, Rose, was less fortunate. She died of the "great sickness" that took half the colonists who made the voyage...Read more +
Apr 26, 2009
Cedar Waxwings are brownish birds with black masks and pale yellow bellies. They are frugivorous — fruit eaters. Those bellies of pale yellow are full of berries! And sometimes those berries are fermented, and Cedar Waxwings get drunk. Yes, drunk! They fall to the ground, hit windows, get hit by...Read more +
Apr 21, 2009
At first, some people didn't understand the game. Swim across the river, race up the canyon half a mile, jump off the cliff into the river—carrying one team member the entire way. Don't let that team member touch the water or the ground until the final leap. The people on...Read more +
Apr 19, 2009
During election years, the 24-hour news cycle is bad news for me. I want to keep up with everything. As for the candidates: they can never let their guard down. Besides public speeches, a candidate's every statement, every gesture, every response is open season for reporters. Someone's always there with...Read more +
Apr 7, 2009
A botanist was studying flowers in the Scottish Highlands. In a nearby village, one of the townsfolk grew curious. He began to ask the botanist about his work. Rather than try to explain, the botanist invited the man to peer into the microscope. What the man saw astounded him. He...Read more +
Apr 5, 2009
In the Garden of Eden, Adam sinned — then he hid. And God called, "Adam, where are you?" Remember the game "hide and seek"? Mark Roberts, our director at Laity Lodge, hears echoes of that game in God's call. Of course, God knows where we hide. God's question revealed Adam's...Read more +
Mar 29, 2009
Poor Milton. He opened a business, and it failed. Did he quit? No, he headed west, continuing to learn his trade. When he had sufficient new working knowledge, he moved again: to New York City. And he opened another business, and it failed. So he returned home to Pennsylvania and...Read more +