Mar 9, 2014
Horatio Spafford suffered three major traumas. His only son died of scarlet fever at age four. In the great Chicago Fire of 1871, the then-prominent businessman was destroyed financially. Soon afterward, all four of Spafford’s daughters perished when their transatlantic ship collided with another vessel and sank. Several weeks later,...Read more +
Mar 2, 2014
Glenn is a master carpenter. I've seen him salvage the wood from a dilapidated pig shed—abandoned for years—and use that lumber to panel a room and finish off a closet. Glenn merely pried the boards off that smelly old pig shed—he didn't plane 'em or sand 'em. He just found...Read more +
Feb 23, 2014
When the national economy plunged, so did Brian’s local business. He shifted his secretary to part-time and began to look at cheaper office space. He hated how that made him feel. Should he take a business partner? Go back to working for a firm? Should he stay put and dip...Read more +
Feb 16, 2014
Michelle is that rare CEO who makes everyone around her feel like the most important person in the room. She wants people's opinions. When someone speaks, no matter who, she listens. Her secretary is as important to her as the chairman. When her company earns praise, she spreads the credit...Read more +
Feb 10, 2014
A recent book from the publishers of Time magazine catalogs the world in photos. Page after page, up close and from great distances, the camera unveils beauty, marvel, mystery. From the intricate industry of the beehive, to the playful spouts of Beluga whales, to the salmon fishing of the grizzly...Read more +
Feb 2, 2014
Terry’s life was lining up. His sales team was humming. A promotion to branch manager looked likely. His kids were happy at school. He and his wife had a vital teaching ministry at church. And just lately, in a few conversations with coworkers, he’d shared his faith. Then came the...Read more +
Jan 26, 2014
In 30 Women of Faith conferences each year, Patsy Clairmont speaks in huge arenas to tens of thousands of women. She talks about her agoraphobia: fear of open spaces. During 17 years of anxiety, her world finally shrank to the size of her bed. Patsy’s recovery began in a self-help...Read more +
Jan 21, 2014
A puppy once said to an older dog: "After some study, I have mastered philosophy. I have learned that happiness for a dog is in his tail. Therefore I chase my tail. And when I catch it, I shall have happiness!" Upon hearing the puppy, the older dog said, "I...Read more +
Jan 12, 2014
The head of a large technology company felt nervous and stressed, but afraid to talk about it. If customers knew, he’d lose face. Employees must see his confidence, he thought. His peers couldn’t know—they were the competition. So behind a calm face, he lived in doubt. Drowning in fear, he...Read more +
Jan 8, 2014
At the age of eight, Glenn Cunningham suffered terrible burns in a schoolhouse fire. Although his mother convinced the doctors not to amputate Glenn's legs, they said he would never walk again. Ten years later, however, Glenn was a runner. Eventually he developed the technique of negative splitting: running the...Read more +