Feb 1, 2004
When Clare Boothe Luce was U.S. Ambassador to Italy, a reporter asked her to define “a classy person.” “A person with class is someone you like to be around,” Mrs. Luce said. “That’s it?” the reporter said. “No need for more,” Mrs. Luce replied. Mrs. Luce knew that real manners...Read more +
Jan 18, 2004
In his book, Achieving Personal Greatness , author Tim Lavender describes his childhood walk to school past a ferocious dog. Each morning, Tim steeled himself to outrun the charging beast. This lasted for months. One morning, Tim had had enough. That day, when the dog bared its fangs and began...Read more +
Jan 11, 2004
A wise woman once found a precious stone in a stream. The next day, she met a traveler who was hungry. When she opened her bag to share her food, the hungry traveler saw the precious stone and asked her for that instead. Without pause, she gave him the stone...Read more +
Dec 14, 2003
Years ago, a taxi driver in Washington D.C. told me this story about his son. Three years before, dissatisfied with public school, his son asked his father if he could go to a prep school in New York. To humor the eager boy, his dad agreed to finance an entrance...Read more +
Nov 30, 2003
An old poem called “The Bridge” tells about an elderly man walking on a lone highway one evening. He reaches a fierce stream and crosses it unafraid. Then, instead of going on, he turns around and builds a bridge across it. “Old man,” an observer says, “it’s late. Why span...Read more +
Nov 9, 2003
Business pages headline business mistakes. But just as noteworthy is how people recover from them. Pearl S. Buck once wrote, “Every great mistake has a halfway moment, a split second when it can be recalled and perhaps remedied.” To err is common. To respond well sets us apart. Do we...Read more +
Nov 2, 2003
The Peanuts comic strip was deceptively simple and always entertaining. It was also the creation of Charles Schulz, a family man. When asked where he got his ideas, Schulz admitted that some of his best lines came straight from home. One evening at dinner, his young daughter was too talkative...Read more +
Oct 26, 2003
Peggy Wehmeyer was network television’s first religion correspondent. In seven years on ABC’s World News Tonight with Peter Jennings, Peggy covered presidents, prisoners, and news makers of every faith. Her work drew honors and accolades. To avoid bias, she worked hard to present all sides and pierce to the truth...Read more +
Oct 19, 2003
My pastor, Charles Johnson, tells of a farmer named Herman who needed to relocate his barn. The only way to move the building 110 feet was to dismantle the barn and rebuild it on the new site. Herman dreaded the task. Herman’s neighbors caught wind of his dilemma. They came...Read more +
Oct 12, 2003
A young girl had died from cancer, and her funeral was jammed with schoolmates and family friends. The pastor had known the child well; and when the time came to speak, he clearly had something to say. He walked to the podium and paused. Then he punctured the silence with...Read more +