Apr 11, 2014

"As Christians, Does it Matter Where We Live?" - Andy Crouch

"As Christians, Does it Matter Where We Live?" - Andy Crouch
God's plans work, not only on the grand, sweeping scale of stars and galaxies, but also on the small, quirky scale of atoms and particles, and—perhaps the strangest of all—on the messy particularities of our human lives.Read more +
Apr 9, 2014


A disabled father, a hardworking mother, and a small mercantile store—with one forgotten bible left by the previous owners. It doesn't sound like a lot to work with, until you add faith into the equation.Read more +
Apr 4, 2014

When in Doubt, Sweep

When in Doubt, Sweep
A grocery manager gave a young man his first job. Eager to please, the new employee would rush through every task. Then he would say: "What can I do now?"Read more +
Apr 2, 2014

A Job Well Done

Another Good Job Done by Me
A friend of mine had a flat tire and stopped at a country gas station. The attendant patched the tire and put it back on the car. And as the fellow tightened the last lug nut, my friend heard him say, "Another good job done by me."Read more +
Mar 26, 2014

Honor Our Competition

Honor Our Competition
Two stock car drivers—Chris Ater and Dillon Smith—were archrivals. Their competition for the season-point-total lead climaxed in a car-bumping incident. It cost Ater the victory. Smith, his chief competitor, survived the bump and won the race.Read more +
Mar 21, 2014

"What Is Christian Art?" - Leigh McLeroy

"What is Christian art?" - Leigh McLeroy
How can we, as Christians, produce art that speaks to more than our own subculture or marketing bracket?Read more +
Mar 14, 2014

"How Do You Balance Work and Family?" - Doug Barr

"How do you balance work and family?" - Doug Barr
If we want to find time with our families, we have to make it happen.Read more +
Mar 6, 2014

Elevator Operator

Elevator Operator
Bruce Renfroe, an elevator operator in New York City, quickly came to recognize the same somber faces riding his elevator every day. The passengers rarely spoke or even acknowledged one another. Bruce Renfroe took action.Read more +
Mar 2, 2014

Resources From Our Recent Theme: What Is Holding Me Back in My Work?

Resources from The High Calling for ambitious Christians who want to serve others and glorify God through their work. What's your story? What is holding you back in your work? What can you do to break free and move forward? The High Calling offers the following resources to help you...Read more +
Mar 1, 2014

Allie Gray, Chocolatier, FINALIST in the Jubilee 2014 Video Contest

Allie Gray, Chocolatier
“What if I made chocolate the way it is supposed to be made? Rich. Healthy. Satisfying. And, better yet—uplifting."Read more +