Jul 24, 2014

"How Does God View the Bottom Line?" - Boyd Clarke

"How Does God View the Bottom Line?" - Boyd Clarke
It's not my money. It's somebody else's money that I am called to manage in their interest. In our modern work environment, we call that being a fiduciary. I have to understand that the money I am managing is not mine; it's the shareholders.Read more +
Jul 22, 2014

"Does Being Selfless Mean We Can't Be Successful?" - J. B. Wood

"If We Are Supposed to Be Selfless, Should We Still Strive for a Successful Career?" - J. B. Wood
I think most people embarking on careers in the market place, in the professional world, are fed or kind of come from this assumption that, "It's all about me."Read more +
Jul 18, 2014

"How Can a Mentor Help?" - Noah Riner

How can a mentor help? - Noah Riner
Noah Riner, MBA Student at Stanford University, talks about the strength of learning from mentors who have already experienced much of the journey you are embarking upon.Read more +
Jul 15, 2014

"Why Is It Hard to Connect Spiritual Value to Our Work?" - Scott Wesley

"Why Is It Hard To Connect Spiritual Value To Our Work?" - Scott Wesley
"I think that whatever we do, we should do it as if we're serving God."Read more +
Jun 27, 2014

Sharing the Wealth

Share the Wealth
New Video: Ask anyone who works for anyone else: the best bosses are inclusive!Read more +
Jun 24, 2014

Giving Your Family Leftovers

Giving Your Family Leftovers
Life is demanding, but the clock does not slow or stop. To give the most time to what is most precious—our close relationships—is the heartbeat and the power in the high calling of our daily work.Read more +
Jun 20, 2014

Faithful in a Little

Faithful in a Little
As it turns out, almost every leader begins as a follower. The person eventually in charge of big things starts out as the person able and willing to do the small things—in the high calling of our daily work.Read more +
Jun 19, 2014

"What Does It Take to Be a Manager?" - Boyd Clarke

"What Does it Take to be a Manager?" - Boyd Clarke
The essence of business is understanding how to balance; you have a responsibility to your customers, to your employees, and to your investors, and there's often a tension between those. It's managing that tension that is the core of management.Read more +
Jun 13, 2014

Church Doesn't Always Come First

Church Doesn't Always Come First
"Let's not make church work into an idolatry. Church doesn't come first. God's will comes first." Everything we do is church...in the high calling of our daily work.Read more +
Jun 6, 2014

A Lens on the World

A Lens on the World
How do you take a picture of a million people? Howard Butt, Jr. suggests a different way of bringing things into focus.Read more +