Apr 13, 2014

Contemplating the Passion of Christ

Do you observe Good Friday? If you are part of a sacramental or liturgical Christian tradition, your church will probably have a service Friday night. Less formal traditions may not have official Good Friday services but may find other ways to present the story of the passion of Jesus. I...Read more +
Oct 18, 2013

Trapped Part Two: The Mercenary

In part one of this series I told you there are a lot of ministers working in churches who no longer feel a sense of calling to their vocation. With no other job skills and dependent on their income, they become trapped in their jobs. Lots of people are trapped...Read more +
Sep 6, 2013

Trapped: The Church Vocation Issue We Don't Talk About

I want to bring up something that church people don’t talk about very often. Why don’t we talk about it? I don’t know. Lots of reasons. I suspect the biggest reason is that talking about it would require us to take an honest look at the lives of our ministers...Read more +
Mar 6, 2013

Jesus is Arrested

Matthew 26:47-56
They came for Jesus with swords and clubs. You can imagine how it was when the chief priests and elders organized them. Some might have been paid. Others were told that Jesus was a bad man who needed to be stopped. The names of those involved have been lost to...Read more +
Feb 16, 2013

Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard

Matthew 20:1-16
The people who lived and traveled with Jesus must have been in a state of constant confusion. That guy was so unpredictable. He was a respected religious leader, but he was born in a barn. He held himself and his followers to strict codes of moral conduct, but he was...Read more +
Oct 28, 2010

Spiritual Field Trip #2

I wrote recently about my wife and I taking our children on a series of spiritual field trips to various churches. Having started by visiting a Greek Orthodox church , we thought we would take our second field trip to the most user-friendly form of Christianity in our culture, a...Read more +
Apr 20, 2010

This Job Is Not Permanent

Having mowed lawns and been a janitor by age 15, I was ready for something new, something that paid well. That summer a neighbor who worked for a local motor oil distributor offered me a job. Chickering Oil supplied motor oils to various retail outlets in Houston. They had every...Read more +
Jul 7, 2009

Don’t You Disrespect Me!

Respect is a word you hear a lot these days. Rich people command it; young people thump their chests and demand it; and old people complain if they don't get it. We need money and sometimes we want power, but our egos crave respect as much as our hearts crave...Read more +
May 20, 2009

Middle Managers Might Find This a Bit Scary

People say they love the parables of Jesus, which is understandable. Jesus was a wonderful storyteller. But I sometimes wonder if anyone is actually reading them. I find many to be rather frightening. In fact, the harshest judgment is for those who call themselves children of God and do not...Read more +
Feb 19, 2009

Integrity Begins With Small Things

When I was 16, a man in our church offered me a job for the Christmas holidays. A local department store needed extra help, and he wanted to hire me to sell small appliances there. I was surprised at the job offer because I knew absolutely nothing about small appliances...Read more +