Jan 16, 2015

Paying Well: Loving Others Through Fair Wages

“The extra income is a Godsend,” she said. I’d just landed a fairly large new account, one I’d need help managing, so I’d asked one of my regular freelancers if she could take on more work. With two children and three new foster kids arriving at her home soon, the...Read more +
Aug 29, 2014

Keep Calm: You Are Amazing, No Matter What

For a while, every time the phone rang during the months of August and September, I got a knot in my stomach. That’s when all of the big reorgs and layoffs would happen, after the budgets for the next year had been decided. I was one of a handful of...Read more +
Aug 10, 2014

Helping Employees Dream: The Day My World Crumbled

My heart sank when I answered my cell phone to my wife’s trembling voice. She could barely speak but I knew what she was trying to say. “Diabetes. They think it is diabetes. We need to take him to All Children’s Hospital to meet with a doctor up there.” We...Read more +
Aug 3, 2014

Building a Platform: Five Lessons From a Start-Up

Two years ago when I was unexpectedly let go from my job of 13 years, I figured I could either hunt down another job in the same industry or pursue a life of freelancing and consulting on my own. The former would likely result in starting over at the bottom...Read more +
May 4, 2014

What If Your Workplace IS Your Mission Field?

It was 3:30 in the morning and, rather than fighting the sudden insomnia attack, I decided to get up, read my Bible, and pray. I opened to the beginning of I Samuel. The words of the child Samuel rang through my head (and heart), “Here I am Lord, your servant...Read more +
Jan 15, 2014

Swinging Between the Traditional Office and the Virtual Workplace

I watched my kids playing on the swing set recently on a Sunday morning after church. My mind was already drifting to my work week as I observed their enjoyment of the ride. Back and forth, higher and higher they go. My heart warms as they laugh and shout out,...Read more +
Nov 7, 2013

More Than Enough: Giving out of Abundance

I’ve been to places in Africa where having a little extra money meant a mother had enough to buy meat and bread for her children. She didn’t have (or need) extra money to buy video games and toys, but an upgrade in the nutritional value of their food made a...Read more +
Sep 19, 2013

Learning Twice

I’ve been called lots of names in my life. One of my favorites is “the unlikely missionary.” I like that one because of what it says about who I am and where I’ve come from. It also happens to be the title of my first book . Many who know...Read more +
Aug 8, 2013

Silence: Resting from Life's Noise

I think they call it tinnitus -- that (nearly) constant buzzing in my ear. I’ve had it for years. Experts say that it could be caused by prolonged exposure to loud sounds, among other reasons. Apparently, something like 50 million Americans have this condition in some form. No matter how...Read more +
Jul 9, 2013

#THClive with the #ActivistFaith Team

Join the co-founders of the dynamic #ActivistFaith movement as they share biblical contexts, personal stories, and practical guidance for engaging twelve divisive social issues. Written for Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and even those who despise religion yet love Jesus, Activist Faith: From Him and For Him will guide you toward speaking—and...Read more +