Apr 10, 2014

And God Said It Was Good

Not every man can call himself a Master Educator. I can. Of course, the designation may have expired by now, and the title seems a bit ostentatious for so tiny a field of expertise, but according to the outdoor ethics program, Leave No Trace (LNT), the title is mine. In...Read more +
Apr 8, 2014

Leave It Better Than You Found It

“We shall be known by the tracks we leave behind.” -Lakota Proverb I love edible and medicinal wild plants. Every August as summer slowly winds into fall I look forward to the arrival of pawpaw season. Their scent, like a combination of apple cider and over-ripe bananas, guides me to...Read more +
Mar 13, 2014

Pencils Down: You Have Permission to Quit

As a working member of society, I’m not allowed to quit. Not really. Cadillac’s recent caricature confirms this. Through an overdone and strongly criticized television commercial featuring the 2014 ELR, the ad contains more fact than fiction about how North Americans value the balance between time on and off the...Read more +
Feb 27, 2014

Sushi-Making and Other Apprenticeship Models

In her Open Letter to Mentors of Millennials Stephanie S. Smith confirms what the research shows: Young professionals, like herself, “prefer a mosaic of influencers.” It’s hard to tell when the shift occurred from single mentorship to communal mentorship among 20-somethings. Over the past 15 years? In the after-effects of...Read more +
Dec 20, 2013

Twas the Eve of My First Job

‘Twas the eve of my first job when all in my thoughts, Not a worry consumed me, except for the cost Of debt now accrued through (five) long years of schooling; Of parental-raised eyebrows on what I's pursuing; And of answers I gave to impress my employer In that second...Read more +
Dec 13, 2013

The Danger of Securing My Future

With Christmas just around the bend, gifts are on my mind. Sunday, my family will light the third Advent candle in church, reminding us of the gift chosen for Mary to bear. Last Wednesday, I purchased sleeping bags for our children who hiked over one hundred miles in 2013. And...Read more +
Dec 6, 2013

Insecurity at the Office

Seventeen years ago, I met an unusual college student. I had recently taken a job in campus ministry and we were hosting a back-to-school bar-b-que when this first-year kid walked up and shook my hand. “Jesse. Jesse Dorman.” He was confident, even arrogant, but this wasn’t the unusual part. Arrogance...Read more +
Nov 29, 2013

Powered by Wisdom: My Fall and Rise in the Classroom

I know so little about power. I have it—as all of us do—and I use it, but it often feels like I imagine flying a plane. I might get lucky and keep it in the air for a while, but I really don’t know what I’m doing. Workplace blogger Sharlyn...Read more +
Nov 22, 2013

Wanting More Power and Getting It

Have you ever had a conversation like this? "Hi. I’m Kevin." "William. Nice to meet you, Kevin. Great conference, isn’t it?" "It is. Did you catch Jim Collins’ talk this morning?" "I sure did. I liked his point about…” Here they exchange brief comments about the lecture, before Kevin asks:...Read more +
Nov 15, 2013

Young Professionals Pick Freedom Over Money

"Despite the fact that people who work for themselves earn less, work more, have fewer benefits and experience more on the job stress than those who work for others, a majority of Americans would prefer to be entrepreneurs" ( Scott Shane, Entreprenuer.com ). We’ve been assuming for years that money...Read more +