Nov 15, 2012

Till Death Do Us Part: Is Retirement an Option Anymore?

“Linda?” She heard my surprise as I approached her behind the counter at the locally-owned fast food restaurant. This was the same white-haired woman from my church with the smile that matched her oversized glasses, the lady who handed out bulletins and fussed over the communion cups and smoothed the...Read more +
Jun 21, 2012

Forgotten Loyalty

Although I was just a boy, I’ll never forget John Williams. Everyone called him Mr. Bell, because he was a manager at the telephone company. I don’t know what he did, but with his rolled-up sleeves, horn-rimmed glasses, and thin tie, I figured he must have been important. I mowed...Read more +
May 10, 2012

How Much Workplace Recognition Do You Need?

For months I worked on the redesign of a major program. I skipped lunches, brought work home, and even dreamt about it. It was consuming. As it neared completion, there was an unexpected change in management due to a reorganization. The previous manager, who championed my pursuit of the project,...Read more +
Apr 26, 2012

Work as Worship

Work as Worship by RightNow Ministries
We spend half our lives involved with work. How I work is a reflection of the God to whom I gave my heart, my allegiance, and my talents.Read more +
Jan 13, 2012

Great Posts from Around the High Calling Network

Each month I have the pleasure of highlighting just a few of the 1,800 bloggers in our network. I would encourage you to visit each of these blogs and leave a note of encouragement and then read a few others. There’s a rich treasure of thought and inspiration in our...Read more +
Nov 3, 2011

Highlights from Around the High Calling Network

My readings over the last few weeks have been inspiring, challenging and entertaining. The High Calling bloggers that make up our network come from every corner of the world. You'll find that their faith traditions are diverse, as are their places in life. And they all have something unique to...Read more +
Sep 8, 2011

Around the High Calling Network

Each month, I have the distinct joy of highlighting just a handful of bloggers from Around the High Calling Network. With 1,800 bloggers, we have thousands of posts from every corner of the planet. I suggest you journey around the network on your own. Lisa Sylvia blogs at Abundant Fruit...Read more +
Aug 4, 2011

Around the Network: Gems From the Last Month

Faith is what helps us answer life’s problems. Spiritually, we understand there is a higher purpose, a higher calling to this thing called life—that is, until the walls come down. If you’ve ever been there, you know what it’s like to feel alone, and yet strangely comforted by God. King...Read more +
Jul 7, 2011

Around the Network: Introspection and Inspiration

What a joy it has been to read blog posts last month from Around the High Calling network. It’s like going on a journey through a previously unexplored forest. You never know what you might experience. For example , Simone Graham leads a recent blog post with this provocative statement...Read more +
Jun 9, 2011

May’s Favorite Posts from Around the Network

I have the great joy of highlighting just a portion of the excellent writing, musings and insights from among the 1,700 bloggers in the High Calling Network. Here are a few of the posts that caught my eye and hopefully, will touch your heart. Marni Arnold writes about “exploring brokenness...Read more +