Feb 27, 2015

Ambition: Is Taking the Promotion Selfish or Faithful?

Anticipation filled the spring air around us as my wife and I walked along a country road near our New England home. A big decision about our next five years lay before us. To say our entire future hung in the balance feels over the top, but we knew our...Read more +
Apr 1, 2014

Moving Beyond Mediocrity: Asking Yourself the Tough Questions

Gasping for air, I told my wife, “We need to go to the emergency room.” On our way to the hospital my breathing became heavy and labored. My chest didn’t feel tight, but it also didn’t feel right. My family has a history of heart disease. I wasn’t physically active...Read more +
Oct 30, 2013

Should Christians Get Paid Less Because Their Work Is "Ministry"?

My friend Lisa is an extremely successful graphic designer. When a local church learned that she’s a Christian, they asked her to redesign their church’s logo and help them implement it on all of their materials. What did they pay Lisa? Nothing. They asked for the Christian “family discount.” Wasn’t...Read more +
Sep 3, 2013

The Dangers of Working from Home

When my phone rang at 10 pm on a Saturday evening, I jumped up to answer it. I have several elderly grandparents, and my mind always jumps to the worst case scenario at that hour. Instead someone asked me to edit a paper for a conference. Such is the nature...Read more +
Mar 21, 2013

Five Questions to Ask When Work and Morals Collide

“People are bored and aimless, just waiting to be distracted, and by capturing their attention with games, you can effectively market products to them… ” An enthusiastic marketing professional wrote that in an article I’d been reading as part of my research for a client. The thought crossed my mind,...Read more +
Sep 6, 2012

Discipleship in the Public Domain of Work

The following excerpt is from "Hazardous: Committing to the Cost of Following Jesus" by Ed Cyzewski and Derek Cooper. At the end of today’s post you can download a preview of the book. Rick knew how to run a successful company, but he wasn’t interested in doing that. He wanted...Read more +
Jul 19, 2012

Work Is a Battlefield

My supervisor was messing with me. That was the only conclusion I could draw after speaking to a board member who had been told a bold-faced lie about me. This was new territory. I’d never dealt with someone who intentionally manipulated the facts like this supervisor. I couldn’t even understand...Read more +
Apr 26, 2012

Does God Really Care About That Important Meeting?

At a prayer meeting a few years ago, every guy at the table shared the same exact prayer request: asking for help at work. One of our newer members made an observation that was both deadly accurate but also life-giving. He wasn’t a theologian and he was probably the youngest...Read more +
Feb 22, 2012

The Cost of Not Failing

With a video camera set up in his bedroom, a desk, and a white backdrop that doubled as a curtain for the sliding door to his backyard, Duke Fightmaster began his quest to become the next Conan O’Brien. Many of his jokes hit their mark, and over the following weeks...Read more +
Dec 22, 2011

Why I Don't Ask God for Money

I’d like to think I’m an expert at the “Low Checking Account Balance Prayer.” I also call it the “Money Prayer.” We’ve moved and changed jobs enough that I should be able to proclaim a few prayers to settle things down with a suave confidence that emanates from my spiritual...Read more +