Oct 19, 2012

Right Idea, Wrong Time?

Joseph and Noah McVicker invented a substance to clean wallpaper. It was soft, pliable, durable. Trouble was, no one wanted it. And the McVickers set their invention aside. Ten years later, the brothers heard an elementary school teacher describe how her students, with their little hands, struggled in their art...Read more +
Oct 14, 2012

Good and Better

Frank had a knack for updating dusty old systems. But when he changed departments, his new co-workers warned him about this leader’s unspoken motto: “We do it the way we’ve always done it.” So what did Frank do? He did it right. He said, “Boss, I’ll go after your priorities...Read more +
Oct 8, 2012

What Doesn't Change

It was one of those days…one of those weeks…one of those months! Shelly would have bet money it would turn out to be one of those years . The markets were a roller coaster. Consumers skittish. Sales erratic. There was no figuring it out, Shelly reasoned. Fortunately, Shelly had an...Read more +
Sep 30, 2012

Set Back; Stepping Forward

Sam Worthington is the young star of Avatar. He’s now in a string of blockbuster films—with more to come. But what interests me about Sam’s career is his early flop. As a young man, Sam failed at a prestigious dramatic academy. Frustrated, his father sent him on a one-way trip,...Read more +
Sep 23, 2012

You Never Know

Donald needed surgery. But if he left, who would run the store? Give orders? Solve problems? Of course, Donald took his doctors’ warning and took time off. And he returned to work expecting the worst. But what did he find? He found his employees busy at their jobs. Customers happy...Read more +
Sep 9, 2012

Eye on the Ball

Diane Belmont moved to New York as a teenager with one desire: to act. That is, until a drama teacher panned her future in performing. So home she went. Later, she tried again and got on stage—only to be fired by three different Broadway producers. Next stop: Hollywood, where her...Read more +
Sep 2, 2012

Choose Joy

Life dealt Norma Jean Hornsberger a hard punch. A knockout. This dedicated Salvation Army staffer was thirty-two when doctors diagnosed her with cancer. Then her husband, Al, got cancer too. The disease took them both at young ages, but first Norma Jean wrote a book about her fight. For each...Read more +
Aug 26, 2012

Are You Stealing?

As the sales trip ended, Jim found his team writing furiously in the hotel lounge. “We’re totaling meal expenses,” Bob said. That confused Jim. “But our clients paid for the meals,” he said. Someone piped up: “The office doesn’t know that. Just submit and get reimbursed. I call it a...Read more +
Aug 19, 2012

Keep Trying

At just 21 years old, Rowland knew he wanted to own a business. But when he opened a dry goods store in Haverhill, Massachusetts, it failed. Over the next 10 years, Rowland opened three more stores—and had three more failures. Despite these disappointments, however, he was learning. And still trying...Read more +
Aug 12, 2012

Attractive Opposites

No doubt, Nancy was the brightest star in the growing company. If you had any doubt, just ask her. I think you get the picture: in no time, Nancy’s coworkers began to avoid assignments with her. And in no time, she began to notice. She complained to her boss: “People...Read more +