Aug 12, 2012

Attractive Opposites

No doubt, Nancy was the brightest star in the growing company. If you had any doubt, just ask her. I think you get the picture: in no time, Nancy’s coworkers began to avoid assignments with her. And in no time, she began to notice. She complained to her boss: “People...Read more +
Aug 5, 2012

God's Work vs. a Career

Since they’d roomed together in college, Mitch and Steve had traveled separate paths. That’s how Steve saw it. About the time Steve began business school, Mitch entered seminary. You know, “God’s work.” Mitch became an associate pastor and rose in the church ranks. Steve took the corporate route. He excelled...Read more +
Jul 29, 2012

You Serve the Lord Christ

Is work a high calling? Andy said,“Yeah, if you’re Bill Gates or Bono. If you have millions of dollars to fight disease or feed the hungry.” From Andy’s perspective, work was work. Period. Especially since company downsizing had lowered his position and pay. So this verse broadsided him: Whatever you...Read more +
Jul 22, 2012

Got a Sabbath?

Becca worked from home, and her friends envied her. “No commute!” they’d say. And while no commute was great, Becca knew the flip side: no climbing in the car to get away from work. Work was always with her. Becca’s big temptation was evenings: office time without the business phone...Read more +
Jul 15, 2012


They called it Lin-sanity: the crazy rise of a human meteor also known as Jeremy Lin. Early in the 2012 basketball season, for example, Lin popped a last-second—tie-breaking— beat the Toronto Raptors. His defender expected him to drive. Lin calmly stood and shot. Weeks before, as Lin’s short career was...Read more +
Jul 8, 2012

I Quit...Maybe

Jack was ready to quit—and justified in wanting out. Ineffective boss. Deadweight coworkers. No recognition. A struggling business. He dashed off a blistering resignation by email...then hit the “delete” key. Now, more coolly, he picked up the phone to arrange an evening with an old mentor. Later, he’d talk things...Read more +
Jul 1, 2012

The Right Response

First came the public meeting where the boss chose Jan’s project over David’s. Then came the private confrontation. David accused Jan of undermining him. Going behind his back. Sabotaging his team. Jan replied by quietly gathering her material and returning to her office. It took about an hour, but David...Read more +
Jun 24, 2012

No Smiley Face Icon

Ann was indignant. Near tears. She’d answered a client’s question. She meant to help her boss and show speed. Her boss, however, was furious. He believed Ann had overstepped her bounds. Adding fuel to the fire, all communication was by email. Neither could see the other’s point. No smiley-face icon...Read more +
Jun 17, 2012

Veteran Issues

Harry’s career had gone—well, “all right.” Not every promotion had come through. But he was always willing to learn. Then, nearing retirement, Harry was asked to mentor a sharp young employee new to the department. Harry couldn’t help it: he detested the assignment. Mentor this young star? Support him? No...Read more +
Jun 10, 2012

The Hard Way

Walking to an afternoon meeting, Charlotte reached for the stairwell door. “That door’s blocked,” Bill said. But Charlotte had used it an hour earlier. Ignoring Bill’s caution, she pushed it open. The next sound they heard was the crash of the door hitting a workman’s ladder. Then a paint can...Read more +