May 5, 2013

Whether or Not You Feel Like It

There is an old Harvard legend that on campus one day, the beloved Dean LeBaron Russell Briggs asked a student why he failed to complete an assignment. The student answered, "I wasn't feeling very well, sir." "Well, Mr. Smith," said Dean Briggs, whose own health was marginal, "in time you...Read more +
Apr 28, 2013

Doing What It Takes

George Starke ran a Ford dealership in suburban Maryland, but could never find enough mechanics. Meanwhile, in nearby D.C., plenty of kids were headed nowhere. “Why not give these kids a skill?” George reasoned. Since it was a matter of life or death for the kids, George did what it...Read more +
Apr 21, 2013

Successful Dead Ends

If you pay attention to business failures, you may start to perceive what some call “dead ends onto right paths.” Here are a few Harvey McKay gave in his classic business book: 1) Walt Disney was once fired by a newspaper. For what? For lack of ideas. 2) MGM’s memo...Read more +
Apr 14, 2013

Serving One Scoop at a Time

Jim was CEO of the hospital, but he still served ice cream at the annual ice cream social. During the day, senior staff members scooped gallons and gallons of ice cream for anyone who dropped by—staff, patients, guests, anyone. The night shift couldn't leave their stations, so Jim loaded everything...Read more +
Apr 7, 2013

Keep Swimming

Florence Chadwick was the first woman to swim the English Channel . . . in both directions. Now she would swim from Catalina Island to the California Coast. The year was 1952. The day was dense with fog. The cold water was numbing. Florence could hardly see. She could hear...Read more +
Mar 31, 2013

Power of Perspective

A friend of mine was dissatisfied with his job and the company he worked for. He felt mistreated, underused . . . and his anger simmered. But that was years ago. Today my friend works for the same company—even has the same job—but he loves it. What made the difference?...Read more +
Mar 24, 2013

What's the Worst That Could Happen?

Golfer Y. E. Yang has scored two firsts. He was first to defeat Tiger Woods in a major golf tournament when Tiger held the lead going into the final day. And he was the first Asian ever to win one of pro golf's majors. When asked how he handled the...Read more +
Mar 17, 2013

What Hath God Wrought?

“What hath God wrought?” That question from the Bible, Numbers 23:23, was the first official message tapped on the first telegraph in May 1844. Long-distance communication has changed dramatically since dots, dashes, and Bible phrases. I don’t know that anyone recorded the first text message or the first twitter “tweet.”...Read more +
Mar 7, 2013

Build a Bridge

A farmer and his neighbor argued over a wandering cow. The neighbor stomped off—and the farmer kept his neighbor's cow. The two men quit speaking to each other. The neighbor then took his tractor and turned the pond that the men shared into a stream dividing their farms. The farmer...Read more +
Mar 3, 2013


A recent study by sociologist, Scott Coltran claims that when parents do chores at home alongside their children, the children cooperate better at school. They understand that in a group, everyone plays a part. And the child feels his own work is more important. This picture of a parent and...Read more +