Jun 24, 2012

No Smiley Face Icon

Ann was indignant. Near tears. She’d answered a client’s question. She meant to help her boss and show speed. Her boss, however, was furious. He believed Ann had overstepped her bounds. Adding fuel to the fire, all communication was by email. Neither could see the other’s point. No smiley-face icon...Read more +
Jun 17, 2012

Veteran Issues

Harry’s career had gone—well, “all right.” Not every promotion had come through. But he was always willing to learn. Then, nearing retirement, Harry was asked to mentor a sharp young employee new to the department. Harry couldn’t help it: he detested the assignment. Mentor this young star? Support him? No...Read more +
Jun 10, 2012

The Hard Way

Walking to an afternoon meeting, Charlotte reached for the stairwell door. “That door’s blocked,” Bill said. But Charlotte had used it an hour earlier. Ignoring Bill’s caution, she pushed it open. The next sound they heard was the crash of the door hitting a workman’s ladder. Then a paint can...Read more +
Jun 3, 2012

Learning, Love, and Success

When I say “Charles Schulz”—you picture the creator of the Peanuts comic strip. For decades, this gentle cartoonist brightened lives with his wit and wisdom. When Charles retired, Peanuts appeared across the world in more than twenty-six hundred newspapers. But where Charles ended up is less to my point than...Read more +
May 27, 2012

Success and Failure

Young Winston struggled in school. He failed the entrance exam twice before entering Britain’s military academy. His early success in politics gave way to midlife failure. And in the mind of the public, his career was ended. Of course, we all know Winston Churchill went on to become England’s prime...Read more +
May 20, 2012

Electrifying Faith

Adults were critical of young Al. His energy was—well—boundless. His questions were endless. These days, people would call him A-D-D. In his day, teachers called him “addled.” But not his mother. In his energy, she saw potential; in his questions, intelligence. Al credited her for all he would do. And...Read more +
May 13, 2012

The Splinter Hunter

Jason finally had enough. His officemate and frequent work partner would have to be confronted. “Your delays make us miss deadline after deadline,” Jason said. “And I’m sorry to have to tell you.” The coworker pushed back from his keyboard and took a deep breath. “Jason,” he said, “I’m late...Read more +
May 6, 2012

When the Truth Hurts

From his work in sales, Paul could look ahead and see serious problems in the company’s path—problems obvious to him but ignored by those around him. So Paul raised the issue with top management...and for his trouble, his colleagues ignored him. After a while, they ridiculed him. Eventually, they marginalized...Read more +
Apr 27, 2012

Listen and Share

High Calling radio spots air daily across the U.S., but Mike does more than listen. Each week in an employee meeting, he replays a spot. And each week, Mike and his employees discuss how that topic, that message, relates to their workdays. “Howard Butt mentions the power of tone of...Read more +
Apr 23, 2012

Making Time and Taking Time

Jim’s employees loved his availability. A project running late? Jim made time to help. Personal problem? Jim made time to listen. Middle manager in a quandary? Count on Jim to sit down and advise. The only person Jim ever shortchanged was Jim. And when burnout and health problems finally tripped...Read more +