Sep 14, 2014

Is It a Sin to Judge Others?

Matthew 7:1-6
This year, I sat on the grand jury in my small hometown. Once a month for six months, we convened to review half of the criminal cases to decide whether to indict the accused and go to trial or to throw the case out. Grand Juries exist, the judge told...Read more +
Sep 13, 2014

When It Feels Risky to Talk About God

Isaiah 6: 1-13
All week long at The High Calling, we have been talking about storytelling in the workplace. At the beginning of the week, we looked at Jesus’ explanation of parables . On the surface, it appears Jesus told stories so people wouldn’t understand. Instead, scholars point out Jesus told stories knowing...Read more +
Sep 7, 2014

Why Did Jesus Tell Stories That People Couldn’t Understand?

Matthew 13:13, 16
All week at The High Calling, we are talking about storytelling in the workplace—as an act of evangelism and an expression of truth. We have always valued stories as a way to help people understand how to integrate faith and work. This is why so many authors share specific, often...Read more +
Aug 26, 2014

What Ferguson Taught Us: Two Ways You Can Pray for Your Community

At The High Calling we talk a lot about vocation and calling and the integration of faith and work. Sometimes, as we do our work, we make mistakes. Sometimes, mistakes are made by others. Sometimes, our credibility at work and in our community comes into question. Sometimes, our credibility deserves...Read more +
Jul 13, 2014

Working for Free: The Unpaid Professional

“What time is Mom getting off work?” my son asks as I tuck him into bed. “It’s tech week at the theater,” I say. He knows this means long rehearsals and late nights, and he is a little sad. So I remind him, “Tech week is only a week long...Read more +
Jul 1, 2014

Summer 2014 High Calling Video Contest

High Calling Contest - Share Your Story
Share your story of serving God in everyday ordinary work, for a chance to win $1000 scholarship for spiritual renewal!Read more +
Apr 21, 2014

The Beautiful Simplicity of Serving God in Our Daily Work

2 Timothy 2:15-26
A few months ago, a famous person came to our house for a party. My wife works for a community theater that hosts a variety of performers—from community theater troupes to Broadway traveling shows. During a small after party for one of these events, the famous person brought his family...Read more +
Apr 13, 2014

Why Holy Week Matters: Meeting Jesus at the Table

What does Holy Week have to do with our wired lives? Where can our 24/7 lives intersect with the slow, significant events of Christ’s journey to the cross? First in a three-part series connecting our everyday lives with scenes from Holy Week: at the table, in the garden, and at...Read more +
Mar 11, 2014

Time’s Up! Productivity Lessons from Grading for the College Board

Everybody hates paperwork. Imagine facing a stack of 1.4 million reports more than a mile tall. That’s the reality for graders of the College Board’s Advanced Placement English tests. As a high school English teacher, I aimed for the highest national achievement I could imagine —becoming a reader for the...Read more +
Jan 17, 2014

God and Technology and the Common Good

The High Calling has many resources about serving God with technology . The integration of faith and work is our mission, and the integration of faith and digital media is how we express our mission. We spend a lot of editorial time reflecting on digital hospitality, digital service, and digital...Read more +