Dec 30, 2013

YouTube Is Our Parable Factory: Best of 2013 Videos

What does the fox say? How do animals eat their food? How does Van Damme straddle two Volvo trucks driving down a runway? These are some of the strange questions the world asked while streaming video this year. Interestingly, last year’s most popular videos are all professionally produced. Charlie isn’t...Read more +
Dec 29, 2013

Discovering a Deeper Relationship with God: Best of 2013 Daily Reflections

Christians like to talk about their relationship with God. At times, this has been a difficult image for me to accept. I struggle to have a healthy relationship with my friends and family sometimes, and they are physically present. How can I have a healthy relationship with God when he...Read more +
Dec 28, 2013

Forget Candy Crush and Read the Best Books of 2013

Christians are people of the Word. When God spoke creation into existence, he used words. When John described the coming of Jesus, he wrote, “In the beginning was the Logos,” the Word. Since Gutenberg first printed the Bible, people have come to think of words and books as two sides...Read more +
Dec 27, 2013

The Biggest Anxiety of Seniors at Harvard and the Best of 2013 Young Professionals

Too many voices in the world are still encouraging young people to see God work as separate from regular work. This past spring we talked with Harvard Seniors who expressed their biggest anxiety: Should I work for a non-profit organization that is going to do good in the world, or...Read more +
Dec 20, 2013

Shining a Spotlight on What Christmas Is All About

Luke 2:8-12
At our house, we love our Christmas movies and Christmas specials. During Advent, we watch Elf and the original animated Grinch and Mr. Bean’s hilarious nativity scene . But one special trumps them all: A Charlie Brown Christmas. Nearly 50 years ago in 1965, Charles Schulz and the Peanuts gang...Read more +
Oct 25, 2013

Facebook: Rediscovering 14th Century Community Values

Recently, my wife and I went to her 20th High School Reunion. As you can imagine there was much discussion about who we hoped to reconnect with, how we have changed in the past 20 years… and what we should wear. As we left our hotel room talking about the...Read more +
Sep 25, 2013

Pass Me the Butter and I Will See You Face to Face

Most days, you, Reader, are a number to me. You are one of 30,000 subscribers or 70,000 Facebook followers or 85,000 visitors who spend more than 10 minutes on our site. At best, you may leave an actual comment that contains a few words approximating your voice. It requires a...Read more +
Aug 30, 2013

More Than a Dozen Twitter Accounts That Encourage You in Your Work

When I was in college, the Grackles invaded our campus every Spring. Grackles are the Velociraptors of the feathered world. They eat anything, including garbage. They poop everywhere, including on each other. And they make a lot of noise . Sometimes Twitter seems like a flock of Common Grackles. There...Read more +
Aug 7, 2013

Can Work and Creativity Co-Exist?

"What do you love best about community theater?" I asked the twelve-year-old girl. We were backstage at the Cailloux Theater, waiting in the wings for our entrance into The King and I. "It's great training," she said, "for when I want to do real acting someday for my job." I'm...Read more +
Jun 28, 2013

Jesus Is a Model of Work-Life Balance

Luke 5:1-16; Matthew 11:25-29
Remember the story of the Grinch Who Stole Christmas? He hates the noisy crowds of Christmas. Crowds of kids playing with toys. Crowds of people feasting and laughing. Crowds of people singing. I imagine the Grinch would hate smart phones. A smart phone provides nearly constant access to the noisy...Read more +