Oct 3, 2014

Pursue God: Discovering an Integrated Life

Years ago, I was elbow deep in warm sudsy water. My hands searched along the bottom to hunt down the baby spoon—an ordinary task, one among many that day along with folding laundry, taking out the trash, and finding a way to control a LEGO city that was experiencing urban...Read more +
Aug 26, 2014

What Ferguson Taught Us: Pick Up Your Corner

I was in the front row of the sanctuary, face-to-face with a woman’s raw pain, running liquid down her brown cheeks. She was standing at the podium—with her eyes closed, face lifted toward heaven, arms raised. A man stood at the piano, hunting for the right notes, like he knew...Read more +
Jul 3, 2014

Best Vacation Stories: Submerged

It’s the closest I’ve ever come to dying. The setting: The Kern River of Southern California, Class III/IV whitewater rapids. I was in high school, and it was spring break. It was my first time rafting, and I basically held on for dear life as we weaved through protruding boulders,...Read more +
Jun 23, 2014

Share Your Best Vacation Story With Us

This is the week when you help us make the whole Internet smell like coconut-y sunscreen. And campfire logs. And fresh-mown grass. It's when you help us make the Internet sparkle like fireflies in June and fireworks in July. Stretch yourself out on your lawn, with that scratchy grass tickling...Read more +
May 23, 2014

Test Post

This is just a test.Read more +
May 22, 2014

Community Post: When You're Too Tired for Sabbath

We haven’t gone to church regularly in weeks. A long winter, work schedule changes and a church move at the beginning of the year have left us in the middle. Facing a string of sabbath free weeks turned spiritual black hole. And the bounced check void I feel when acknowledging...Read more +
May 8, 2014

An Invitation for You to Share Your Story

On a humid August night in 2008, I published my first blog post, from a laptop at my kitchen table. It was a simple, tender reflection about the Emmaus travelers. The moon rose behind me while I tapped out these words: “Like an unexpected Jesus on a dusty road to...Read more +
Apr 30, 2014

Love Idol

Mrs. Huseman, my sixth-grade teacher, knew the problem, at least in part. She named it for me, but I didn’t know that day what she meant. And at first, I took it as a compliment. Mrs. Huseman wrote the word in loopy cursive: “perfectionist.” Naturally, I saw the A+ before...Read more +
Jan 24, 2014

Community Post: When Fear Holds You Back in Your Work

Editor's Note: This week at The High Calling, we’ve been focusing on what holds us back in our work. On the Community page, several writers from our diverse network of bloggers offered their unique insights on the topic. Colleen Krantz shared how comfort zones can keep us from doing the...Read more +
Jan 22, 2014

How Your Need for Approval Can Hold You Back in Your Work

She wanted to sign up for volleyball this winter. Then again, she didn’t. I watched my daughter from across the kitchen table, while our waffles grew cold. The sign-up sheet and a ballpoint pen sat between us, next to the syrup bottle. “It would be fun— sooo much fun, Mom!”...Read more +