Dec 12, 2012

Two Jobs for Christmas Break

By the time we were speeding west from Farmland, Indiana, to St. Louis and beyond in the borrowed red Mustang, my brother and I lived such separate lives that we could amuse one another with story after story. David folded his tall frame into the vintage car as if he...Read more +
Jul 25, 2012

Catch-Up Time

We lined up at the classroom door, kids bolting as the final bell still echoed down the hall. I lagged behind, relishing the quiet. Which way home, today? Even at a daydream pace, I’d reach Plum Street in five minutes. I’d fling the front door aside to shout “HI, MOM!”...Read more +
May 3, 2012

On the Assembly Line

Sometimes I stumbled downstairs early enough to watch my father shaving at the bathroom sink, in his white t-shirt and navy slacks. While he buttoned the dusky-blue work shirt—sometimes fresh from the hot iron—my mother filled his thermos and locked it into the big lunch box. Be good, he waved...Read more +
Mar 28, 2011

Good Things Come to Those Who Sit: Book Review

For the next several weeks, we are pleased to partner with the Englewood Review of Books to bring you some fine book reviews. We are delighted to feature some of the members of our community whose work Englewood has highlighted. Today we feature L.L. Barkat’s God In the Yard: Spiritual...Read more +