Sep 8, 2012

At the End of the Driveway

As soon as hubby drove out the driveway, I started my daily housewifely duties: picking up his socks and turning them right side out, turning off the lights he left on, closing the doors and cabinet doors he left open, putting his dishes in the sink, and whatever else I could find that he had done or left undone. And then, it started: Why does he leave his socks all balled up? Why can’t he turn off the lights? Why can’t he close the cabinet doors? Why can’t he put his glass in the sink? Why can’t he... On and...Read more +
Aug 6, 2012

Delayed is Not Denied

Daniel 10: 12-13 – Then he continued, “Do not be afraid, Daniel. Since the first day that you set your mind to gain understanding and to humble yourself before your God, your words were heard, and I have come in response to them. But the prince of the Persian kingdom resisted me twenty-one days. Then Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me, because I was detained there with the king of Persia.” Daniel prayed but didn’t receive his answer for three weeks because it was delayed. God heard him the first time and sent an answer, but...Read more +
Jul 31, 2012

The Kudzo Plant

Kudzo Plant Travelling through Kentucky and Tennessee I saw this beautiful lush green plant. Majestically growing up the side of trees, houses and barns. It was everywhere. While in Tennessee we were in the midst of the Smoky mountains, and there again we saw this beautiful vine. We were with some friends and had decided to go zip-lining. After we were all decked out in our stylish zip-lining gear we headed outside. To the left of us in the field were three goats. The goats were there to eat the Kudzu. It was in that moment that I learned about...Read more +
Jul 30, 2012

A Living Faith

Donnie Smith is the CEO of Tyson Foods. In an interview with The Wall Street Journal , he was asked if his faith influenced his management decisions. He replied: I don't think you can say, "I do all my church stuff on Sunday between nine and noon, and the rest of the time I am either out for myself or running my business." My faith influences how I think, what I do, what I say. There are a lot of great biblical principles that are fundamental to operating a good business. Being fair and telling the truth are biblical principles...Read more +
Jul 26, 2012

Not Abandoned

Isn't this little guy the cutest thing? His name is Juanito and we met him in Colombia. He eagerly greeted us and then accompanied us through the village of La Playita. Most of the homes in the village are simple, made with cement blocks and are able to withstand the cyclic flooding, if they can quickly move their belongings to a higher place. Juanito's home was of the poorest that we had seen, made of wood scraps, tin roof and a dirt floor. His mother Jennifer, standing in the doorway welcomed us in to meet her baby. Inside were two...Read more +
Jul 26, 2012


Sometimes, the hardest time to write or talk is when your going through an inner conflict of the heart, of the mind, of the spirit. When everything within you cries out no more, no more!! Yet it is through those tears, through that pain that healing is brought forth and yes grown men do cry! There is nothing wrong in letting go of all that is lock within. To release all that is within and cry out to God, ” I am at the end, I have no other hope but you Lord!” Through the tears, though blurry for awhile,...Read more +
Jul 26, 2012

When God Asks Questions

God doesn’t ask us questions because He needs the answer; He asks us questions because we need the answer. He already knows where we are, what we’re doing, how we feel, why we’re running, who our accusers are, who we think He is. He wants us to say it—out loud. He wants us to acknowledge the place we’re in, the people we are, the things we believe, the things we’ve done. And if we respond—if we answer honestly and turn to Him, He does amazing things. The Bible is full of such moments, these God-come-down-to-meet-us, looking-for-the-one-that-got-away times in which He...Read more +
Jul 25, 2012

plain faith

It's just so easy for me to grasp onto something and try to force it. Sometimes things can use plain work and encouragement and hope. I choose instead to focus in on what i want. I can see it happen when it comes to a point that i can drive myself crazy with thoughts that bring me to my knees and everything comes to a screeching halt. It makes me wonder why i cant give in to the process. Why stay stuck holding tightly onto a thought that's not real, and instead allow real things to happen? It seems to...Read more +
Jul 24, 2012

Do You Want to Get Well?

By the sheep Gate in Jerusalem there is a pool, called Bethesda in Hebrew, which has five colonnades. Within these lay a large number of the sick—blind, lame, and paralyzed—waiting for the moving of the water, because an angel would go down into the pool from time to time and stir up the water. Then the first one who got in after the water was stirred up recovered from whatever ailment he had. One man was there who had been sick 38 years. When Jesus saw him lying there and knew he had already been there a long time, He...Read more +
Jul 23, 2012

Grace and the Pall of Fog

Over the past year a pall has loomed over my family, a cloud of uncertainty like a thick fog lingering just overhead but not totally obstructing visibility. Last July I visited my sister, Judy, in the hospital in North Carolina. The occasion for the visit was the fortieth wedding anniversary of Judy and Ray. People from all parts of the country came to celebrate the couple. The day of the party the team of doctors caring for Judy’s stage-four cancer worked to release her from the hospital. They knew how important the event was to her. All the guests gathered...Read more +