Jul 23, 2012


Congratulations , double exclamation point, smiley face, parenthesis, hugs, parenthesis. I type the fraud through tears. Flooded with drops of not good enough, my eyes leak what the heart overflows. Her success feels like my failure, a cruel reminder of the position I’m not in, the place I’d like to be. Why does he always do that—turn someone else’s joy into a sorrow all my own? I’m genuinely happy for her—she’s worked hard and is so talented—she deserves all this and much more. But within the span of mere seconds he’s crept in, reverting me back to the fourth grader...Read more +
Jul 20, 2012

The Devil Uses Febreeze

We’ve all seen those commercials—the ones where unsuspecting souls are sent into dirty, dingy, disgusting places wearing blindfolds. Squeezing pillows on a nasty sofa, standing in a kitchen with putrefying fish on the counter, or sitting on a crusty bed with grungy sheets, they tell how wonderful the room smells, how the scent makes them feel as though they are at the beach, in a meadow, or wrapped in warm, freshly washed linens. And then the blindfolds are removed. To the surprise of the participants, they aren’t in lovely places—they’re in gross rooms they’d never willingly go into; they’ve been...Read more +
Jul 19, 2012

If I Really Believed

I used to think I really believed, but I’m not so sure anymore. If I really believed, would I keep praying the same prayers over and over? If I really believed, would I keep expecting to fail? If I really believed, would I continue living every day like the one before with no expectation of different, better? If I really believed, would I still be scared? If I really believed, would I keep on searching the classifieds every time the finances get tight? If I really believed, would I tell Him, “I can’t do that”? I say I believe. I...Read more +
Jul 18, 2012

Is What You Are Saying On Facebook Glorifying God?

Facebook has really redefined the way we as a culture and a society communicate and interact with one another. It also really emboldens people to say things they would not otherwise say in a group or face to face setting. With facebook you can raise your political flag or personal cause flag high. You can share news stories and other bits of information. You can also spread a lot of misinformation. In this presidential election season there are people who are really fired up for one side or the other. And any news that makes their side look good they...Read more +
Jul 17, 2012


“We might even shave a little off our time,” he says as yellow lines stretch into blur beneath us. Straight road, clear vision, low winds, and sparse traffic built confidence—the highway was ours. Cruise control set, leaning back in the seat, we settle in. “And I was worried,” I chuckle to myself, “This hasn’t been bad at all.” But I didn’t know what was up ahead. Bumper-to-bumper traffic, screeching brakes, exhaust-filled air. Complete stand still. A single orange sign stands in the distance, too far away for me to make out its instruction. Zero visibility, engine over-heating, tempers rising—the dream...Read more +
Jul 12, 2012

Here and Now

I used to think of God’s will as some mystical island far off in the sea—a distant place filled with exotic things; a land requiring a lifetime to reach. Everyone spoke of finding it, of its importance, and I always walked away with the notion that it was a fabulous place, a space where the holiest people got the most important jobs, a realm I would probably never be able to reach. In my mind, finding God’s will was always in the future—a glorious moment in which God would reveal Himself in such a way I would know beyond any...Read more +
Jul 12, 2012


No matter what you have become You are His special child He holds out His arms to you Spotless or defiled He speaks the truth of what He sees Through Jesus, His dear Son Cause you are everything to Him Since time and space begun. He longs for you to call Him Dad To chat to Him all day Just treat Him like you would your friends Through all things, come what may And as your heart responds to His Your worth will take a leap High into the stratosphere Where angels never sleep.Read more +
Jul 12, 2012

Breaking the Addiction: 40 Days Without Facebook

How One Couple Grew Closer to God and Each Other Laurel Murray and Aaron Polli are getting married in December. Earlier this year, they chose to practice a kind of lent by abstaining from Facebook for forty days. After making the announcement on their statuses, Aaron and Laurel disappeared swallowed by the proverbial black hole. My first reaction to their lent caused me to cringe— No Facebook for forty days? Are they crazy? My second reaction was almost envy. In that time, we wondered what they were doing, what service they were attending, and waited for them to come back...Read more +
Jul 11, 2012


Harder, harder, harder it pounds, then drops to the pit of my stomach. I feel the color drain from my face, my knees are wobbly, limbs floppy. Frantically scouring the room, my eyes dash up and down, side to side. My senses are on full alert, but my body won’t budge. My mind starts wandering down every dark road, creating scenarios of the worst possible kind. Gone. Lost. Stolen. What am I going to do? This can’t be happening. No, it’s not what you think. It’s not something really important and irreplaceable like one of my kids that was missing...Read more +
Jul 10, 2012

On Depression and Detox: Learning to Recognize the Poison in Your Life

We steer clear of waste. We keep poisonous substances out of reach. We are careful not to breathe in fumes. We guard ourselves from contamination. We protect ourselves and those we love from materials we know are harmful. Yet many of us live in noxious conditions every day without even acknowledging it— we breathe in and live out our toxicity in the form of unhealthy relationships. When I finally sought counseling after years of battling severe depression and eating disorder, one of the things my therapist had me do was take an inventory of my life and relationships. It was...Read more +