Aug 12, 2007

Are You Just Tipping Your Hat?


There's an old story of Voltaire, the skeptic, who had no use for God or the church.

One day he walked through the middle of the city, and he saw a Roman Catholic procession coming toward him. The leader of the procession was holding a great brass cross over his head. As Voltaire saw the cross coming toward him, he took his hat from his head and held it across his heart.

After the procession had passed, the friend who was standing there with him said, "Voltaire, I didn't think you had anything to do with Jesus Christ."

Voltaire said, "No, I don't have anything to do with Christ, but we do have a nodding acquaintance."

How easy it is to accept a nodding acquaintance with Jesus Christ. We tip our hats to Christ at the time of a wedding, or a funeral, or Easter, or Christmas. In a time of crisis or in a time of sorrow, we may pray. We may even join a church and tip our hats every Sunday.

But what are we doing every day? Are we inviting Christ into our daily work?

You know what kind of relationship God really wants with us, right? The kind that transforms our lives.

from a talk called "Peter's Denial, The Unexpected Christ" delivered on July 29, 1956, in Montgomery, Alabama