Sep 14, 2012

"Littluns" Is For All Seasons and All Reasons



When God appeared and asked me to write "Littluns" it was an experience of pure love like I had never experienced before. He didn't say publish or market the book - He just said, " Write "Littluns." Furthermore, I never aspired to, or ever thought I would ever become an author. Although I had written screenplays and other works, I just had too much on my plate to even consider becoming an author. Besides, I felt that there were far better qualified and experienced novelists out there to write a novel.


However, this experience was so powerful that, needless to say, I shelved all my other six projects that mean a lot to me to work full-time on "Littluns."  It took three years to write and create all the 63 color illustrations in the book; then publishing and have been marketing-to-sales ever since. To date it is now seven and a half years with mostly being ignored with cold shoulders by just about everyone who hasn’t read the book.


With all the great awards won and reviews received, that I couldn't have paid for, I was completely at a loss to understand how there could be so few sales, except for not having any marketing and advertising budget. More importantly, God said "Write "Littluns." He didn't say publish, or market, or anything else, that in the world of man, would be the natural and logical next step - which I did. After He asked me to write “Littluns” I asked Him, "But Lord, you want me to do this when no one can see the value in all my other good projects?” And He said to me, "Now you know how I feel." Well, the rest is now history.


That was then, and now over the last seven and a half years there have been more miracles in my life than anyone would believe to enable me to survive. Although the spiritual warfare I’ve experienced has tried to stop me at all cost from the beginning, I did what He asked me to do and all praise goes to God.


I thank God every day for all the gifts and abilities, and support He’s given me and that He asked me, of all people, to write “Littluns.” What’s most exciting is the knowledge that whatever He had, and has in mind for “Littluns,” it will be perfect, even if He only wanted me to write it for Him and/or those who need to hear what God is saying to a world gone wrong, and in contrast, the knowledge in faith that "…thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven," for all to experience now and forever.