Sep 22, 2012





I am thinking out loud here... about online communication and friendship compared to face to face communication and friendship.  It has occurred to me to leave this comparison for a moment to think about communication, and to think about friendship.

I'm awed at the possibilities within communication. And i think that perhaps friendship is a word that defines an expectation of past understandings to happen again. Communication is the actual process, people are touched, something makes a connection with a person. Friendship is a memory of something that has happened or something that is expected to continue.

The last thirty years has given more devices to interact beyond breath and touch.  That has it advantages and pit falls. To walk in the shoes, in a life, helps us to understand one another a little more.

That can be done in many ways, but, mainly it is done in each moment, with Love opening the heart to hearing, seeing and feeling without fear or expectation.

It all comes down to what is happening within our own heart, once again.  What is happening in our heart... in the moment.

How can the heart be ready, how can it understand?  
How can it be open without fear or expectation?


Only in the asking.
Asking God
to take the stuff and handle it for us.

You know...give it up.

Moment to moment.

Life flows into and out of our open hands.
Death is usually the stuff that we hold onto.

in Jesus






photo via flicker