Jul 30, 2009

Gifts and Talents


Recently, we received a request for helping people identify and use their spiritual gifts and talents. The request included resources outside TheHighCalling.org. We put together a list of resources we thought might be helpful and sent them to honor the request.

Below are the list of resources we passed along. We thought they might be useful to the users of TheHighCalling.org. The first two are links to online spiritual gifts assessment tools. Following that list is a few resources from our website that may be helpful. Finally, there is a book we think is useful.




Some resources on TheHighCalling.org:

Discover Your Gifts, Discover Your Calling, by Bill Peel


Have You Unwrapped God's Gifts? by Ginger Geyer


Recognizing Divine Confirmation and Calling, by John Lewis


Body Parts and Church Functions, by Harold Fickett


A couple of useful books are Discover Your Destiny by Bill and Kathy Peel; Live your Calling by Kevin and Kay Marie Brennfleck