Sep 26, 2014

David Brooks on Leadership

David Brooks on Leadership
NYT Columnist David Brooks shares some leadership advice: Good leaders can step outside their own egos to understand the opposition.Read more +
Sep 23, 2014

Eisenhower on Leadership

Eisenhower on Leadership
Eisenhower knew something about being a leader. And he could be blunt in his definitions. He said: "You do not lead by hitting people over the head—that's assault, not leadership."Read more +
Sep 18, 2014

"What Are the Important Decisions?" - Steve Norris

"What are the important decisions?" - Steve Norris
The most important decisions I make as a leader are how I treat people. You know, we’re a company, we’re here to make a profit, we’re here to do good work, but really it has to do with relationships.Read more +
Aug 28, 2014

Sharing the Wealth

Share the Wealth
Ask anyone who works for anyone else: the best bosses are inclusive!Read more +
Aug 14, 2014

"As a Manager, How Do You Interact With Your Employees?" — J. B. Wood

"As a Manager, How do You Interact With Your Employees?" - JB Wood
It's very easy to forget that our team and the people reporting to us and working for us are just that . . . they're people. And people—I don't care who you are—deep down they want to be acknowledged, they want to be appreciated.Read more +
Jun 19, 2014

"What Does It Take to Be a Manager?" - Boyd Clarke

"What Does it Take to be a Manager?" - Boyd Clarke
The essence of business is understanding how to balance; you have a responsibility to your customers, to your employees, and to your investors, and there's often a tension between those. It's managing that tension that is the core of management.Read more +
Dec 16, 2013

The Castle and the Wall

The Castle and the Wall
A wise leader provides both a clear vision and the means to get the job done.Read more +
Dec 4, 2013

Shackleton's Mission

In 1914, Sir Ernest Shackleton set sail for the Antarctic. Was the mission a failure? Watch his story and decide for yourself.Read more +
Sep 26, 2013

"Who Has Impacted You as a Leader?" — Matt Barnes

"Who has impacted you as a leader?" - Matt Barnes
Matt Barnes, Executive Director of Families Empowered, looks for leaders who excel both professionally and personally.Read more +
May 15, 2013

"How Do You Value Your Coworkers?" - Doug Barr

"How do you value your co-workers?" - Doug Barr
We've got 2,200 staff; I'll have seen everybody. Just being there and thanking them for what they do—coming from a leader is enormous.Read more +