Jul 3, 2014

Best Vacation Stories: When Things Go Wrong

Imagine the surprise when a hardworking Google employee was informed he would be receiving an extra week of vacation this summer because his daughter wrote a letter to his boss requesting as much . Actually, she asked for just a single day off, but because the letter was so touching,...Read more +
Jul 2, 2014

Best Vacation Stories: Tomorrow Night, Marshmallows

When my childhood friend returned home from vacation, I’d run to her house and ask about the trip. She hiked in the mountains and slept in a tent and fell asleep to night sounds of crickets and tree frogs and hooting owls. They cooked meals wrapped in foil and roasted...Read more +
Jul 1, 2014

Summer 2014 High Calling Video Contest

High Calling Contest - Share Your Story
Share your story of serving God in everyday ordinary work, for a chance to win $1000 scholarship for spiritual renewal!Read more +
Jul 1, 2014

Best Vacation Stories: Untaken Photos

A few years ago, an acquaintance heard me say that I never take formal vacations and butted in, “Well, you should. And you need to start this year.” I smiled politely. Must be nice to order Disney World onto someone who can’t afford it like you can . When abrasive...Read more +
Jun 25, 2014

Rethinking Scarcity: The Emergence of Creative Communities

I expect no one would disagree that creative innovation often arises from scarcity. From Ritz cracker apple pie to the dinners we developed with nothing but a microwave and hot pot during college, some creative spark in human nature thrives when put to the challenge of limited resources. Likewise, in...Read more +
Jun 4, 2014

"What Kind of Change Should We Strive for in Our Communities?" - Andy Crouch

"What Kind of Change Should We Strive for in Our Communities?" - Andy Crouch
In the movies, when a comet is about to impact the planet, the whole world mobilizes to prevent that from happening . . . because cultures actually resists impact very effectively.Read more +
May 25, 2014

Time to Fly

The philosopher Kierkegard gives us a great lesson for life. A flock of geese lived together in a courtyard. Once a week, they gathered in a corner of the yard. An eloquent member of their group mounted the fence to tell the wondrous legacy of their forefathers, who mounted on...Read more +
May 21, 2014

Plug Into Silence

Plug Into Silence - The High Calling
In our fast-paced digital world, we need time to unplug from machines.Read more +
May 15, 2014

Thriving Through Stress: Gaining Our Lives

Friends of mine are downsizing from a new, sizable home in a wealthy suburb to a modest, comfortable ranch in the small town where they grew up. They are “simplifying” and looking for a less intense, less stressful lifestyle. Ironically, though, even though they have just put their house on...Read more +