Feb 17, 2011

A Grievous Loss Becomes a Gift

Maureen Doallas – writer, poet, businesswoman, voracious reader – has had her first book of poetry published by T. S. Poetry Press. The book is dedicated to her brother Patrick, who died in 2009. She had written poetry in college, then put it aside. Four years ago, her brother called...Read more +
Feb 14, 2011

Food that Feeds

The sky is that same saturated blue that I squeezed from a tube of paint this morning and the sun climbs. Day after day of white above and white below has leeched my cheeks of color—whitewashed my spirit from the outside in. But Someone has turned on the lights and...Read more +
Feb 7, 2011

The School of Fasting

It was the year that I gave up coffee for Lent. I was working as our church’s Director of Children’s Ministries and the kids and I were discussing what it means to fast--should we give something up, should we take on something new? When the children found out that I...Read more +
Feb 4, 2011

Random Acts of Poetry: Evoking Orphans

Victor Hugo had a lot to say about what translates to English as “the miserable ones,” “the wretched poor,” “the victims.” Les Misérables is set in the heat of revolutionary France, where the gap between stinking wealth and unabashed poverty manifests in a cast of incredible characters - orphans all...Read more +
Feb 4, 2011

I Delivered My Baby on the Side of the Road

Editor’s note: Karyn's small business serves women affected by human trafficking, slavery and poverty. As we began this series on orphan care, she conceptualized a way to obtain birthing kits for Haitian mothers (Epidurals not included). Then Amy wrote a crazy story about delivering her daughter in a less-than-ideal way,...Read more +
Feb 2, 2011

Network Post: Does Facebook Make Us More or Less Social?

If you are a Facebook user, how has this impact your social life? Are you more social? Less social? Photograph by Georgia Bateman , used with permission.
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