Dec 19, 2008

Random Acts of Poetry: Ache of Advent

Poems for Advent and Christmas
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Dec 18, 2008

Wise gift giving

I love Christmas, but I don’t love the incessant focus on greed and gimme gimme. I’m not a complete humbug, don’t get me wrong. I enjoy giving gifts–and frankly, I enjoy getting them too. But it’s easy to get distracted by the consumerism of Christmas and forget what it’s all...
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Dec 16, 2008

God Wants to Use You

Nick Vujicic tells his story. The morning of December 4, 1982, moments after his birth, they laid him in his mother's arms. She held a blunt torso. Her firstborn had no arms. No legs. No limbs. Just this one twisted flap of flesh, a foot flipper. She swaddled him close...Read more +
Dec 13, 2008

Random Acts of Poetry: Nepotist's Delight

L.L. here. On a cold day in December. Which for some reason makes me want to warm up with a little nepotism (I have always loved that word, but never really had the opportunity to embody it). I'll begin in the most nepotismatic (oh, nepotists can make up their own...
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Dec 5, 2008

Random Act of Poetry: Christmas lament

Ann Voskamp never ceases to amaze me. Today she posted her own "random act of poetry" over at Holy Experience . Her poem begins simple enough: White falls early, surprise invasion from sky, burying gold, our gold, in winter's grip... But several stanzas later, Ann broke my heart with these...
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Dec 4, 2008

A Theology of Service

Being a waitress is a challenge. I know, I did it for years. In our culture, waiting tables is just a bit above collecting garbage, with all due respect to garbage collectors. It's honest work, but let's face it, you don't get much respect. The hours are long, it's physically...Read more +
Dec 3, 2008

What I learned from...

Welcome to the 19th edition of the infamous world famous groupwrite project known around these parts (and hopefully around your parts as well) as What I Learned From…! That’s right, folks; it’s that time of the month (no, silly, not that time!) for y’all to shine your light for the...
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Nov 23, 2008

Pride Goes Before Destruction

The project to build the world's tallest structure drew the team to beat all dream teams: the world's leading architects, builders, engineers, thinkers. And they erected a dazzling, towering tribute to the mind of man. That was the problem. A monument built to personal glory is a sure foundation for...Read more +
Nov 21, 2008

Poetry and God are right there but we don't stop to listen

Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying poetry and God are the same thing. But there is something that feels very prophetic about poetry. Poets aren't prophets, but the best poetry is a kind of prophecy. It helps us see things we didn't see before. It helps us slow down...
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Nov 20, 2008

Thanksgiving: Pennies and a Big Blue Sky

L.L. here. Thinking about Thanksgiving. Remembering a book I just had to read. Because my cousin-in-law (is there such a thing?) did the cover illustration. The book is about a young woman who braves prairie life to secure government-offered land. I won’t tell you whether she wins or loses the...
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