Dec 9, 2010

The Ministers' Morgue - part one

The following is a work of fiction. This short story will appear in 4 parts over the next four weeks and is intended to help us think about some serious issues for those in the helping professions. An unexpected phone call I got the news that a minister friend had...Read more +
Dec 2, 2010

Discomfort Dilemma

There's nothing comfortable about our basement. The man cave is not equipped with a high-def TV or EZ chair, X-box or pool table. Walk upstairs and help yourself, because there's no fruit bowl or mini fridge. But there is a barbell. And a bench, a few dumbbells, weight plates, and...Read more +
Dec 1, 2010

I Wish You Could See Her

I wish you could see her as I see her, for I look at her with the eyes of a lover, a father, a child, and a connoisseur. The stories in her book, aged for millennia, have an archetypal patina that cannot be forged. Devoted scholars study them and parse...Read more +
Nov 24, 2010

Just a Lay Person?

Sue Mallory, in her book, The Equipping Church , admits: “I put off writing this book for a long time because I wasn’t sure I had an audience or a right to speak. After all, I thought, I’m just a layperson.” What had held her back? The self-fulfilling prophecy, “I’m...Read more +
Nov 17, 2010

A Prayer in a Season of Wandering

Tolkein’s famous line from the Lord of the Rings comes often to my mind these days. Not all those who wander are lost. I know that’s true because I am not lost, but I am definitely wandering the earth. I left one place but have not arrived at another. I...Read more +
Nov 10, 2010

John Rushing's Final Prayer

I was in his hospital room when John Rushing died a few days ago. He was in his 80s. An aneurysm burst in John’s aorta and he was rushed to the hospital. He survived the emergency surgery but couldn’t seem to wake up afterward. They tried for several days to...Read more +