Dec 29, 2010

Resolved: No More Resolutions

The Great Aunt, who’s been like a mother to us, climbed slowly into the back seat of our car. At 91, she has Alzheimer’s and the gates that used to guard her manners are down. “Your car is so CLEAN it makes me nervous,” she says, making it sound like...Read more +
Dec 24, 2010

Where Would the Wise Men Otherwise Be?

Thanks to poet Kim Addonizio for presenting the writing invitation to start with a pronoun, then supply its noun. And thank God for being the Great "I," claimed by the proper noun Emmanuel. Merry Christmas to you, from TheHighCalling Team. Ms. Addonizio Advises Me on a Christmas Poem She said...Read more +
Dec 22, 2010

The Ministers' Morgue - Conclusion

The following piece of fiction is the conclusion of a three-part series. Read part one . Read part two . On January 13th I will share the real event from my life that was the inspiration for The Ministers' Morgue and discuss some of the issues from this story. The...Read more +
Dec 19, 2010

When You Know a Person's Story

It was the San Antonio Junior Livestock Auction. Dustin looked like every other kid there. As for his goat . . . well, the bids were okay. Then someone told a story that Dustin himself had kept quiet. One month earlier, his father died in a tragic car accident. The...Read more +
Dec 15, 2010

The Ministers' Morgue - part two

The following piece of fiction is part two of a three-part series. Read part one here . I was going to post it in four parts, but I've agreed to three after an outcry in the comments last week. ;-) The Questions Do you want the next question or not?"...Read more +
Dec 9, 2010

The Ministers' Morgue - part one

The following is a work of fiction. This short story will appear in 4 parts over the next four weeks and is intended to help us think about some serious issues for those in the helping professions. An unexpected phone call I got the news that a minister friend had...Read more +