Oct 5, 2010

Ready Or Not, Here It Comes

Routine in our lives prepares us for the unexpected.
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Sep 28, 2010

What My Toddler Taught Me About Work

My wife and I adopted our daughter, Martha, in China last September. Trans-Pacific travel with a toddler, I learned, is not for the faint of heart. The flight home was a grueling 20-hour marathon, including a 12-hour leg from Beijing to San Francisco. It took Pam and me ten days...Read more +
Sep 28, 2010

Lost in the Legend

Craig Ehlo’s most memorable NBA match was in 1989—Cleveland v. Chicago—in the fifth and deciding game of the opening round of the Eastern Conference playoffs. Ehlo played for Cleveland. Chicago had Michael Jordan. The game became an instant classic when Jordan hit what is now simply called “The Shot”—the game-winning...Read more +
Sep 9, 2010

Spiritual Fieldtrip #1

Last week I wrote about my wife and I making plans to take our children on a series of spiritual field trips to worship with other traditions. We’re very excited about our little project. Sunday was our first field trip, and we headed for Saint Sophia, a Greek Orthodox Church...
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Sep 2, 2010

Around the Network -- Taming time and unleashing God

Around the network, we review the month's best blog posts. Read the laments and joys about the end of summer, a God that cannot be boxed, and running the race.
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Sep 2, 2010

Spiritual Field Trips

Have you ever considered going on a spiritual field trip?Do you remember how incredibly tedious school was when you were a teenager? Do you recall those eternally long days and weeks and months and years of adult designed and enforced education? I remember spending a lot of time with my...
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Aug 31, 2010

The Star Thrower

“Father, forgive them; for they do not know what they are doing.” (Luke 23:34) Anthropologist Loren Eiseley was walking on the beach at Costabel. Among the professional shellers and collectors hurrying along with bundles of treasures snatched from the sand, he saw a man reach down to pick up an...Read more +
Aug 26, 2010

Bear One Another's Burdens

I want to make a simple request of those who read this piece. I am going to mention Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, but I will not offer an opinion on whether or not the Park 51 Community Center should be built. The debates on this subject are now generating more...
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Aug 19, 2010

Spiritual Growth by Subtraction

Suddenly I saw my life in a different way. I’ve been thinking of myself as MISSING things. MISSING a calling and LOOKING FOR another one. But is my life empty enough to hear from God? Is my life empty enough to have room for my next calling? I wondered what...
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