Feb 10, 2015

Technology at Work: Dismantling the Bad Rap of Technology

My phone bing-bongs like a melodic harp running scales, alerting me that the time I decided to rise has now arrived, and I must crescendo out of bed. I shuffle to the kitchen, avoiding creaky floorboards, lest a sleeping child hear me and wake before the sun. I pull the...
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Jan 4, 2015

God Be in My Work

In the 1300s, a merchant guild built a magnificent cathedral in Coventry, England. Its chapels honored different vocations. Coventry Cathedral was bombed in World War II. When a new church was built alongside the ruins, engraved panels replaced the chapels. One reads: Hallowed be Thy Name in Industry: God be...Read more +
Dec 28, 2014

Giving Away What You Love to Get

There’s an old saying: “You can’t choose your family, so be glad you can choose your friends.” Well, what about your coworkers? I’d say coworkers are like family. On some level, you’re stuck with them and have to make the best of it. They may feel the same about you...Read more +
Dec 14, 2014

God's Greatest Gift

In C. S. Lewis’ beloved story The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe , the land of Narnia is under an evil curse. It is always winter, but never Christmas. Only Aslan, the great lion who created Narnia, can break the spell. When Aslan finally comes to Narnia, so does...Read more +
Dec 2, 2014

Mothers Don't Remember

Mothers Don't Remember
Howard Butt Jr. shares a message about a mother's love. At the end of the day, true relationships are about grace, not grudges.Read more +
Nov 24, 2014

The Most Important Ingredient

When Mark was 13, his mom let him bake the crowning moment of their family's Thanksgiving meal—the pumpkin pie. She figured he couldn't mess up a recipe that depended on store-bought crust and canned pumpkin. Despite the distraction of his favorite college football game, Mark successfully baked a beautiful golden...Read more +
Nov 21, 2014

Don't Worry, Be Thankful: 14 Happy Ways to Teach Kids to be Grateful

How long do I really have to figure it out? How long do I have to figure out how to live full of joy? So my husband might find himself married to a woman he loves being with. A woman who knows how to laugh at the days to come...Read more +
Nov 17, 2014

Create Good: Cultivating Good in the Midst of Grief

She was my age, and also a nurse. She helped birth this place–a place where people could live out their last days in unforced rhythms of grace, where grief itself could cultivate good. I’m sure she never dreamed that she would be birthed to a new life from one of...
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Nov 3, 2014

Designed to Work: The Dirty Work of Motherhood

About 10 years ago, I had the most amazing job. I was the Director of Adult Ministries at a large suburban church in the Kansas City area. I spent my days training and equipping others for ministry. I planned women’s retreats, wrote a Sunday school curriculum and in my free...
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Oct 5, 2014

Find Your Center

Carl Pendleton, a three-year starter for the University of Oklahoma football team, gave up his final year of eligibility. He did it to pursue graduate school and to care for his ten-year-old adopted brother, for whom he assumed guardianship. Pendleton said, "With the new responsibility of raising my younger brother,...Read more +