Mar 27, 2014

Community Post: Families and Sports

Last night I walked into the a Little League ballpark to watch a friend's son play in his first game. As I entered the gates, long-lost childhood memories of spending summer evenings at the local ballpark came rushing back. I was surprised that I had forgotten such fond memories, and...
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Mar 6, 2014

Community Post: For the Mama of Many (Rethinking Play)

Jumping out of my lap after a round of loving, my son sped down the hall lightning fast. He didn't expect me to chase him. With the younger two, I've become that mommy. I'm good for the love and hugs—that's easy. What I don't want to do - is the...
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Mar 7, 2014

Community Post: Don't Wait to Play

The Jemez Mountains of New Mexico are scented of old pinion, young fir and the sweet, refreshing wetness of the Rio Las Vacas. My young family traveled there a few years ago to join my recently retired parents for a camping trip. We set up camp and rigged our fishing...Read more +
Feb 11, 2014

One Very Important Secret to a Happy Marriage

In marriage, more often than not, we discuss the importance of interdependence; a reciprocal relationship between two interdependent people. What is often missed, however, but is equally as important is independence within an interdependent relationship. Prior to traveling the world, interviewing couples happily married twenty-five years or more for my...Read more +
Jan 23, 2014

Inside and Out: What Holds You Back in Your Work

Just when I started to build my freelance writing career back in the mid-1990s, I found out I was expecting our first child. Corporate clients didn’t seem keen on hiring a pregnant lady to write their brochures or newsletters—worried, perhaps, that I wouldn’t finish their project before the baby arrived...Read more +
Jan 22, 2014

How Your Need for Approval Can Hold You Back in Your Work

She wanted to sign up for volleyball this winter. Then again, she didn’t. I watched my daughter from across the kitchen table, while our waffles grew cold. The sign-up sheet and a ballpoint pen sat between us, next to the syrup bottle. “It would be fun— sooo much fun, Mom!”...Read more +
Jan 20, 2014

Community Post: When Your Comfort Zone Holds You Back in Your Work

EDITOR’S NOTE: This week at The High Calling, we’re focusing on "what holds you back in your work." Here on the Community page, several members of our diverse writing network offer their unique insights on the topic. An email arrived recently from a professional acquaintance. He was forwarding a job...
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Jan 12, 2014

Technology Head

The head of a large technology company felt nervous and stressed, but afraid to talk about it. If customers knew, he’d lose face. Employees must see his confidence, he thought. His peers couldn’t know—they were the competition. So behind a calm face, he lived in doubt. Drowning in fear, he...Read more +