Mar 17, 2009

Curious Miracles in the Workplace

We look up at the ceiling, which is abruptly shifting. Our hands suddenly appear to be miles away. We find ourselves running a race without a finish line and almost drowning in a pool of tears. Everything grows curiouser and curiouser. Last Thursday my nephews and I fell down a...Read more +
Mar 5, 2009

Scary Monsters

Yesterday's family trip to get a morning cup of hot chocolate turned out to be one for the list. What list, you ask? The list, the list that I fear, in the back on my mind, my children are compiling for future reference. The list they'll pull out as teenagers...
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Feb 19, 2009

Jesus Didn't Teach Us to Juggle

Remember the parable about the bad servant who spent too many hours at the office and the good servant who had a flexible work-from-home telecommuting arrangement so he could spend more time with his kids? No? Jesus didn't tell any parables like that. You would think the Bible has a...Read more +
Feb 17, 2009

Parenting as Art Form

I have always thought that parenting is an art form. There are no hard and fast rules. Something that is true in one situation might not be true at all in another. A reaction that is right for one of your children might not be right for another. You have...
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Feb 15, 2009

The Wedding Dilemma

This Tuesday past I met with a couple who wanted to get married. They seemed very young, but were old enough at least to have two children. The man has been recently laid-off and the woman is a stay-at-home-mom. All in all they appeared to be very nice kids. During...
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Feb 9, 2009

Kids are Big Business

Three men were striding down the sidewalk, pinstripe shirts, stiff collars, red ties, solid leather shoes. I crossed the street, pushing a stroller, and grasping my three-year-old firmly by the hand. The men saw me coming, rolled their eyes at each other, and increased their pace. I bit the edge...Read more +
Feb 1, 2009

What color are the children?

As most of you know, my husband is black. I have four black children. I often get asked why I refer to my children as "black" and not biracial. I can easily answer that as I feel that when you remove me, people don't see the "white" in my kids...
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Jan 28, 2009

Before all else, love is patient

The text reads: Love is patient. Is there a reason why patience is the first qualifier in the biblical “love chapter” describing the characteristics of love? I wonder. Only because I am a mother who is long on love and, too often, short on patience. I mean, why not first,...
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Jan 14, 2009

Wipe Your Feet

As a boy, my mother routinely reminded us to wipe our feet when we dashed into the house at full speed. She rarely even looked up as we came in. She just knew that brother and I would have dirty shoes. Mom had good reason for concern. The empty lots...Read more +
Jan 14, 2009

When Work and Family Collide

As our children got older, it only got tougher trying to manage everything. Infants: Okay, not enough sleep, but no big deal. It's off to work in the morning as normal. Toddlers: They start talking and awkwardly waddling around. Uh-oh, now it's getting a little more difficult to leave those...Read more +