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What Others Are Saying

The rich variety of articles by High Calling’s editors and featured posts from the community of bloggers make The High Calling website one of my first stops online every morning. From the articles that inspire me in my work to the challenges and encouragement I receive for growing in my gifts, I can count on both the written articles and the relationships I’ve formed with others in the High Calling community to spur me on to the love and good deeds to which we’ve all been called.

Patricia Hunter

As a 20-something professional, I value the opportunity to use my skills, passions, and creativity in efforts that honor my Creator, and I am encouraged by the The High Calling’s thoughtful articles that remind us God is at work in our daily tasks, from dream jobs to drudge work. The High Calling is a welcoming, insightful community which breathes new life and purpose into my work ethic.

Stephanie Smith

As a business owner trying to integrate my Christian faith into my workplace, I find a wealth of knowledge, experience, and support among the members of The High Calling and their articles. The High Calling is now a crucial part of my daily quiet time routine. Every morning after reading the Bible, I read a couple of articles at The High Calling and join the various discussions among the members. Whether I get a new idea, accountability for my business policies, or encouragement when I am frustrated, I hate to miss a single day!

Chris Patton

The High Calling is a great place to discuss how we are to live as Christians while on this earth. And it is appropriate to discuss leaders, visionaries, taxi drivers, firemen, college professors, writers, dads, moms, husbands and wives, etc… What I need is to hear real people talking about their victories and struggles in their faith life. The High Calling is a place for us as Christians to talk about and work out how we are to live on this earth as God's people. At The High Calling, I meet with fellow travelers and learn about their struggles, their victories, their ponderings, and their yearnings. And as I echo back my own experiences and thoughts, I find a community where there is the richness of a common journey…

Bill Vriesema

I am just so grateful to have stumbled onto The High Calling – it’s such a rich community with such vibrant, generous people. I’ve found a welcoming, encouraging community of artists, writers, thinkers and believers. I love the real relationships and friendships that have grown out of that online community. It astounds me that I have never met any of the editors or community members in person, yet I feel like I really know them. It really is a surprisingly intimate community. It really is a unique oasis in the cyber world.

Michelle DeRusha

I visit many sites and read a lot of writing on the internet. I continue to return to The High Calling because I don't just find articles to read there. I find a warm, thoughtful, genuine community of people who truly get the idea of connecting faith with every area of life. Also, I like hanging out with The High Calling cause you're the cool kids on the internet.

Bradley J. Moore

The High Calling has become an important faith community in my life. These passionate, creative, and thoughtful people challenge me to keep growing in my faith--leading me to a deeper place in my spiritual journey. I am so grateful for this group of believers.

Nancy Franson

After spending some time as a guest on various networks, I joined The High Calling because I love the different creative voices, the different styles of writing, the opportunity to join community writing projects, the encouragement to rediscover and develop forgotten writing skills, and so much more. Without doubt my experience of blogging is much richer with The High Calling than it would have been without the network.

Rev Dr Antony Maude

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