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Bob Robinson

Visit (re)integrate

Part of the Bigger Story

Finding our place in God’s huge story. I imagine having an out-of-body experience. As I gaze down upon an ancient table, I see a large book before me, bound in leather with silver clasps and edges. As I open the book, the words on the pages come to life, showing story after story of lives […]
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Amy Sorrells

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As promised, a special announcement to share with you!

Let me begin this post by saying that I am overwhelmingly aware that there are a million, trillion other more important things to focus on this time of the year than what I share here today. A million, trillion other … Continue reading →
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Tom Volkar

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Delightful Work Rides Again at a New Location

Copyright © 2014 Tom Volkar. Visit the original article at post is for all of you faithful Delightful Work subscribers. I’ve been wrtiing again at Please join me to subscribe to my blog there.  Here are some recent posts if you want to know what I’ve been up to. How to Live a […]

Duane Scott

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lost in love

Someone once said, “Let my heart be broken by the […] The post lost in love appeared first on Scribing the Journey.
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Glynn Young

Visit Faith, Fiction, Friends

I walked from the church

I walked from the churchto the street, the war zone,the cold, the fear, the despairof darkness, of the street.The wounded and dyingreached toward me,the sick clutchingat my ankles, weeping.I walked from the church,the light wasn't followingthe light was leadingshining in the darkness.I walked from the church into the street, seeingthe ruins around me,and knelt.Photograph by Lilla Frerichs via Public Domain Pictures. Used with permission.
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Jim Lange

10 Great Quotes About Humility

In one of our recent roundtable groups that I have the privilege of leading, one of our members shared this quote which was very meaningful to her: “Humility is the...

Sheila Lagrand

Visit Godspotting with Sheila

Weekend Reflection: Thankful

Top Row: Sister Elaine, Nephew Grant, Sister-in-Law Anne, Niece Allison, Nephew Craig, Bonus Son Ryan. Center Row: Wonderful Friend Hiram, Bonus Mom Mercedes, Father Rod (also the photographer–he used a tripod) Front Row: Brother Tim, Nephew Neil, Me, Amazing Husband Rich. A week ago on Thursday, I returned to Laity Lodge and spent a glorious […]

Michelle DeRusha

Visit Graceful

When Now is Your Time of Grief

Well, once again, here I am writing during my supposed sabbatical. But this is a good thing, actually. I’ve realized, in these weeks of relative quiet, that I don’t want to quit writing. Whew! This is big, people! There was a time there in which I really didn’t know. But as I’ve been a bit […]You just finished reading When Now is Your Time of Grief! Consider leaving a comment!
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emily wierenga

Visit in the hush of the moon

An Open Letter to Mothers Who Have Miscarried

Dear Mothers Who Have Miscarried,I've lost two, and it's near torn me apart, this longing to be in heaven with my babies, but I've learned the secret to staying on earth.I learned the secret, just weeks ago, and I want to share it here with you, if I may?It was December, a cold afternoon and I was meeting in a church with a prayer team. They asked me about the babies I'd lost and I wept so hard I couldn't speak because this past spring, God had told me my Madeleine would live. And then she'd died. He'd told me about her personality, and then she'd slid from my body, and I gave birth to Stillborn Faith that day.I've been grieving ever since and sometimes it's just a white lace shoe that undoes me. Or a pink dress.  Or the sight of a woman's rounded womb.And I met with the prayer team and they prayed over me, that the Grief would end. I nodded tearfully.Following the prayer, one of the women pulled me aside and told me she'd heard a pastor speak once, on miscarried and aborted babies, and that this pastor had received a vision of a nursery in heaven. In this vision, the pastor saw a nursery filled with miscarried and aborted babies, angels watching over them, and upon reaching heaven, mothers who'd lost their babies would be given a second chance to raise them.Now, friends, I don't know that there's anything in Scripture that talks about a nursery in heaven but I also know that heaven is mysterious and unfathomable and eternal, and that a nursery is something akin to the loving character of God the Father. He may just give us a second chance to raise our babies.I breathed long and hard and fast after she told me this. Because if this nursery does exist, then suddenly God's words to me in the spring made sense: his words saying that my baby would live (even though on earth, she died); his words describing her personality, as though she were already alive.Because no life is lost to Jesus.The night I lost my first child, I had a dream, even as I slept: a little girl with golden curls sat outside my bedroom door playing with toys, and when she looked at me, she had her father's eyes. And then I looked down at my arms and there was a little boy asleep in them, but I couldn't see his face.If this nursery exists, that dream was of my daughter, playing in heaven (and the baby in my arms? My eldest son, who was conceived months later).And my daughter's waiting for me--even as your children are waiting for you.13 For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. 14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. 15 My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place, when I was woven together in the depths of the earth. 16 Your eyes saw my unformed body; all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be. (Psalm 139)Friends?Our God does not lie.If he's told you that your baby lives? She does. Maybe not on earth. But nothing can separate us from the love of God--not even death, Romans 8 tells us.May you be filled with hope. This world is not all there is.Hallelujah.Your sister,e.*** Hey guys--I hate asking this, but I guess it's part of being a "professional" writer; I created an Author page yesterday and am wondering if you'll consider Liking me? Here's the link: XOXOSubscribers that had been using the RSS method may have tore-subscribe and choose the non-comments feed. Old (dead) link: (working) link:

Tod Bolsinger

Visit It Takes a Church

Google and Jesus Agree on At Least One Thing

Google might be on to something. But then again, Jesus had it long before Google did. Earlier this year in a New York Times article, a top Google executive said the company’s hiring had moved from typical resume highlights toward something more abstract. “Intellectual humility,” they called it. Without humility,...

Jeanne Damoff


In which goodness and beauty collide in fields of gold

Ah, friends. I don’t have to tell you the world is full of real pain and brokenness, and sometimes it’s flat out overwhelming. But meanwhile there are beautiful souls quietly, faithfully doing what they love to undo what they hate. They aren’t seeking fame or trying to draw attention to themselves; instead they’re pouring their […]
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Susan Jones

Visit Just ... a Moment

Advent III ~

"So, Advent is not waiting on tiptoe for Santa Claus to appear.  It is gradually allowing ourselves to remember  what unfathomable hope there emerges  in God’s identifying with the human realm  so fully that it embraces and reverses  even the loss of hope." Laurence Freeman *  *  * "You keep us waiting.  You, the God of all time, want us to wait.  For the right time in which to

Heather Holleman

Visit Live with Flair

A Bizarre Spiritual Analogy

I'm cutting a red onion for a Greek salad, and my eyes burn like never before. I'm experiencing the sulfuric gas that creates a mild acid in my eyes. Chopping onions offers this unfortunate side effect that cooks do unusual things to avoid.I've heard everything from chopping onions underwater to whistling so you direct the airflow away from your face. Some people freeze the onions first. Others chop onions near a steaming pot of hot water. Still others wear goggles.If you want those onion slices, you need to deal with what comes with their use.I know it's probably the strangest comparison I've made in years, but I stood by my sink and thought of the unfortunate side effects that come when I'm used in some way.When publishers call (Which they have!) or book sales keep on the rise (Which they are! Thank you!), I immediately feel the old temptations of self-importance and the allure of influence. I'm chopping that onion, and what rises up from its use burns. It doesn't bless.It's not pleasing. It's not good.I think of the pleasing aroma that rises up to God with every sacrifice in scripture. I want my life and work to rise up like a pleasing aroma to God. As the onion's gasses rise, I think about what it takes to transform them and manage them. Most experts use water to subdue those gases. They drench the onion in it. They submerge the onion it. They intercept every rising gas with it with.Oh, the Living Water that takes whatever I offer and subdues the negative side effects that come, aided by the world, the flesh, and the devil. We are onions to be drenched in God's word, submerged deeply into a life of confession and repentance, and intercepted with every use by God's glory and not our own.Otherwise, what we offer the world--what rises up from our life's work--burns more than it blesses.

Marilyn Yocum


Dumping My Blog

I’M THINKING OF DUMPING MY BLOG - been thinking it a while - but is it one more step away from writing? Or toward it? Unsure. I admitted to these very thoughts while riding to church a few weeks ago and wouldn’t you know it? The morning’s passage included “immediately they left their nets.” I […]

Marni Arnold

Visit Marni Arnold

Being Carefully Taught

I was 21…and my world was flipped upside down. My reaction, however, wouldn’t have told anyone how emotionally traumatized I felt because I hid my emotions in the heat of the moment relatively well. I always have, because I was trained to do such. I was trained to keep my feelings stuffed – and if […]