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Joel E. Jacobson

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On Sensationalism

I’ve had the privilege of working with junior and senior high kids at the annual Lighthouse Young Writers Summer Camp. The cool thing about teaching at summer camp is you get to teach, encourage kids with their writing, and never have to grade a thing. It’s really the way teaching should be. But I’ll save […]
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The Butterfly and the Violin, A Hidden Masterpiece, Book One by Kristy Cambron

Publisher: Thomas Nelson July 8, 2014Genre: Fiction, World War II, HolocaustFormat: PaperbackPages: 336Rating: 5 StarsSource: Free copy from Thomas Nelson, and Litfuse Publicity Group, in exchange for a review.Website of Kristy Cambron.Author Info:Kristy Cambron has been fascinated with the WWII era since hearing her grandfather's stories of the war. She holds an art history degree from Indiana University and received the Outstanding Art History Student Award. Kristy writes WWII and Regency era fiction and has placed first in the 2013 NTRWA Great Expectations and 2012 FCRW Beacon contests, and is a 2013 Laurie finalist. Kristy makes her home in Indiana with her husband and three football-loving sons.Eyeglasses at Auschwitz. Summary:Sera James is an art dealer living in modern day New York City. Since she was a young girl she has been "taken" with a painting of a blue-eyed young woman holding a violin. Sera has been in search of the original she'd first seen. Her search leads to a wealthy business man named William living in California, who is also looking for the same painting. Their collaboration is intermingled with the World War II story of the woman in the painting, Austrian violinist Adele Von Bron. Adele's parents are Nazi's. Her father is a Nazi officer. Their pride and joy is their daughter's talent and accomplishment in music; and especially in regard for the entertainment and promotion of the Third Reich. Adele's life irrevocably changes when she becomes involved in helping the Jews during the Holocaust.My Thoughts:The Butterfly and the Violin, is a powerful book.I love the character of Adele. She is the heroine of the story. When she first became involved in helping the rescue effort, she was naive, innocent, and reckless in regards of fully understanding the situation. She is beautiful both outwardly and inwardly, and people recognize this and are drawn to her.Adele's parents are the image of the brute and murderous Third Reich. They are so indoctrinated and ingrained by the sordid and twisted belief of the Nazi's, they forget their greatest role.I'm reminded of a quote Dietrich Bonhoeffer said,"The test of the morality of a society is what it does for its children."  The conditions of the death and labor camp are horrifying. Kristy Cambron, gave perfect details of how it must have felt to "be there" in the horror of every second of every day.Adele is a character that develops over the coarse of the story, this is an important element, in showing that a person under a demanding and harsh situation can rise above the worlds horrors and "rest" in Christ Jesus.There is another character that I became attached to, admiring her strength and courage. Her name is Omara. She is another inmate at the concentration camp. Her story could be its own story.I understand the importance of Sera and William, because it is through their search of the painting that we hear the story of Adele, but I was less interested in them. My interest and focus was Adele and her story.Landing page for the Litfuse book tour. Book available @ Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Lifeway, Christian Book, Mardels.THE BUTTERFLY AND THE VIOLIN Kindle Fire Giveaway and Facebook Party from @KCambronAuthor!Welcome to the launch campaign for debut novelist Kristy Cambron's The Butterfly and the Violin. Romantic Times had this to say: "Alternating points of view skillfully blend contemporary and historical fiction in this debut novel that is almost impossible to put down. Well-researched yet heartbreaking. . . ."Kristy is celebrating the release of the first book in her series, A Hidden Masterpiece, with a fun Kindle Fire giveaway and meeting her readers during an August 7th Facebook author chat party. One winner will receive:A Kindle FireThe Butterfly and the Violin by Kristy CambronEnter today by clicking one of the icons below. But hurry, the giveaway ends on August 7th. Winner will be announced at The Butterfly and the Violin Author Chat Party. Kristy will be connecting with readers and answering questions, sharing some of the fascinating research behind the book, hosting a fun book chat, and giving away some GREAT prizes. She will also be giving an exclusive look at the next book in the series, A Sparrow in Terezin!So grab your copy of The Butterfly and the Violin and join Kristy on the evening of August 7th for a chance to connect and make some new friends. (If you haven't read the book, don't let that stop you from coming!)Don't miss a moment of the fun; RSVP today. Tell your friends via FACEBOOK or TWITTER and increase your chances of winning. Hope to see you on the 7th!

Michele Howe

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An Excerpt from Faith, Friends, and Other Flotation Devices

Before I ventured on the trip to Alaska…I wondered if I would enjoy the trip. After all, it rains almost every day, it’s downright chilly (even in the summer) and it’s so far from Michigan. I did a lot of … Continue reading →
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Chad Ethridge

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great city

Oh great city,Where streets connect at intersectionsand commerce happens at every cornerbusiness transactions with a handshakeand legal documentation to supportWhere structures are erected or torn downin the name of progresswhere campaigns bring loyalty to idealsand divide people over the issuesOh great city,Where sturdy buildings are reminiscentof bygone eras and the lifestyles that went with themshrines for the working class and monuments to the daily grindWhere moral codes are eroded by the hands of timelike a shirt in a dryer or under a hot ironthe heat is absorbed in the pavementand wears down all who walk upon itOh great city,That is still yet to comeWhose architect and builder is GodWho alone is immortal and lives in unapproachable lightWho prepares a place for all foreigners and aliens on earthwho live by faith in what was promised and not yet receivedThey shall posses gladness and joyin that great city where God is presentand Jesus is Lord of all!



Distractdestruct.Resist. The inevitablesilence ensues.© Cat Hill 2012dVerse open link night hosted by Grace.


Poem: Nature's Rhythms

Water moves slowin the colorless evening,everything so stillthat leaving seems a violation. To feel...

Larry Hehn

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Posts with the Most – May/June 2014

The older I get, the more the months seem to whiz by. Here we are, already halfway through 2014. How’s it going? Since life often does seem to go by so fast, I’m thankful for the milestones where we pause, reflect and celebrate. This past week we had Canada’s 147th and America’s 238th birthday to cheer, […]


Strange Things Parents Say

A couple of week’s ago my wife and I had the pleasure of attending a Tim Hawkins concert.  One of the highlights of the evening was a brief appearance by Bob Smiley.  So today I bring you another Bob Smiley video.  Watch as Bob takes a look at some of the strange things he has […]