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Joel E. Jacobson

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On Sensationalism

I’ve had the privilege of working with junior and senior high kids at the annual Lighthouse Young Writers Summer Camp. The cool thing about teaching at summer camp is you get to teach, encourage kids with their writing, and never have to grade a thing. It’s really the way teaching should be. But I’ll save […]
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(Review) To Everything a Season: Song of Blessing Book One by Lauraine Snelling

Publisher: Bethany House, October 14, 2014.Genre: Fiction, 1900s, North Dakota.Format: Paperback.Pages: 353.Rating: 2 Stars for okay.Source: Free copy from Bethany House and An Open Book in exchange for a review.The book is available @AmazonSummary:1905, Blessing, North Dakota. Blessing is an emigrant town. People from Germany, Russia, Norway, Ireland, and England live there. A new hospital is built. Two female physicians are in charge of the hospital. A group of nurses arrive from Chicago in order to have further hands-on experience. One of the nurses is Miriam Hastings. After her training, she plans to return to Chicago in order to provide financially for her mother and siblings. While living in Blessing, Miriam warms to the idea of small town life.My Thoughts:I've discovered, To Everything a Season is a first book in a new series, but it is related to at least three other series of books located in the town of Blessing.I did not enjoy the book until mid-way when I was introduced to Miriam Hastings. Her quandary of furthering education and experience, versus responsibility in providing for family is a tearjerker.She is the only character I felt drawn to.I felt the story skimmed across situations and problems. It needs a defined plot that will draw the reader into the depth of the story.

Michele Howe

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New Contract…New Dream Come True

After waiting for about a year, I realized another dream come true….another signed book contact! For most people, writing (and reading) is a chore to be avoided at all costs. Not me. I love reading. I love writing. But most … Continue reading →
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Chad Ethridge

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deep mystery

Comparison is the thief of joyand I've been robbed many timesSo much life has passed by melike water under the bridge it won’t come backIt moves down to the sea where it is lost foreverand I am stuck here on the bankToo old for the young girls and too young for the oldI’ve sat at their tables and I didn’t belongIt made me long for something moreIt makes me long for homeor at least the same face every eveningwhere we know we belongand our lives are rolled togetherlike two verses of a songwhere the chorus brings us togetherLike rain on the sea we are joined togetherin a deep mysteryhallelejah



Distractdestruct.Resist. The inevitablesilence ensues.© Cat Hill 2012dVerse open link night hosted by Grace.


Sometimes you just need to go watch some ducks on a pond (and...

Sometimes you just need to go watch some ducks on a pond (and sketch them very badly).

Larry Hehn

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Posts with the Most – July 2014

If I had to choose a favorite time of month, this would definitely be it. I always look forward to the end of one month and the beginning of another, since that means it’s time for the Posts with the Most! Every month I boldly explore the interwebs, compiling my favorite top blog posts to share […]