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Joel E. Jacobson

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On Sensationalism

I’ve had the privilege of working with junior and senior high kids at the annual Lighthouse Young Writers Summer Camp. The cool thing about teaching at summer camp is you get to teach, encourage kids with their writing, and never have to grade a thing. It’s really the way teaching should be. But I’ll save […]
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Murder at the Mikado, A Drew Farthering Mystery, Book 3 by Julianna Deering

Publisher: Bethany House June 24, 2014Genre: Christian Fiction, Mystery, England, 1920sFormat: PaperbackPages: 336Rating: 5 StarsSource: Free copy from Bethany House in exchange for a review.Book is available @AmazonBarnes and NoblesChristian BookLifewaySummary:Drew Farthering and Madeline Parker are planning their wedding, but an unexpected person from Drew's past emerges. Drew is shocked when he is introduced to the wife of his business associate, and she is an old flame from his youth. Mrs. Fleur Landis, is a force to be reckoned with. Her dark eyes, red lips, thick dark hair, and glamorous clothing, shape a woman that knows she exudes sensuality. She had been an actress, but is now a wife and mother. Her acting skills carry over to her real life, giving dramatics when she needs them.Fleur pays Drew a visit claiming she is in trouble and needs his help. Drew is at first reluctant, but after meeting Fleur's son Peter, he changes his mind.Drew and Madeline are at odds in this surprising wedge in their relationship. The murder mystery plot is centered around the theater production of a play, The Mikado. The people working in the production are all known to Mrs. Landis.My Thoughts: Murder at the Mikado, brings another chapter in Drew Farthering's, quick-witted and nonchalant way of solving a murder. He is not a person who studied detective work, it came about by a chance event. He is calm, reserved, yet confident. His strong emotional responses are always directed to his beloved Madeline. Their whirlwind courtship had not given them a chance to share "all" their previous life. A lesson in honesty before marriage is a hidden nugget of truth in this story.Fleur is a naughty character that I wanted to shoo-away with a fly-swat. Her pretentiousness did not fool me.I love the added character of the little boy Peter. He gave an innocence to the story. My maternal instincts wanted to whisk him away to safety.Was I surprised at the ending? Yes I was.A delight in reading a mystery is not always in trying to figure out who did it, but in letting the story simply unfold and enjoying the ride.      Book One                   Book Two

Michele Howe

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An Excerpt from Faith, Friends, and Other Flotation Devices

Before I ventured on the trip to Alaska…I wondered if I would enjoy the trip. After all, it rains almost every day, it’s downright chilly (even in the summer) and it’s so far from Michigan. I did a lot of … Continue reading →
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Chad Ethridge

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great city

Oh great city,Where streets connect at intersectionsand commerce happens at every cornerbusiness transactions with a handshakeand legal documentation to supportWhere structures are erected or torn downin the name of progresswhere campaigns bring loyalty to idealsand divide people over the issuesOh great city,Where sturdy buildings are reminiscentof bygone eras and the lifestyles that went with themshrines for the working class and monuments to the daily grindWhere moral codes are eroded by the hands of timelike a shirt in a dryer or under a hot ironthe heat is absorbed in the pavementand wears down all who walk upon itOh great city,That is still yet to comeWhose architect and builder is GodWho alone is immortal and lives in unapproachable lightWho prepares a place for all foreigners and aliens on earthwho live by faith in what was promised and not yet receivedThey shall posses gladness and joyin that great city where God is presentand Jesus is Lord of all!



Distractdestruct.Resist. The inevitablesilence ensues.© Cat Hill 2012dVerse open link night hosted by Grace.


Hobbits and Adaptations

In light of some of the backlash against Peter Jackson’s recent Hobbit films, I’m...

Larry Hehn

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Road Closed

The road to my office was closed today, as workers replaced the railroad tracks that cross it. The intersection leading into the work area was marked with pylons, a large electronic sign, and detour markers to keep drivers from wandering into a dead end. Despite the visible warnings and suggested alternate route, I was amazed at how many drivers ignored them and continued […]


Strange Things Parents Say

A couple of week’s ago my wife and I had the pleasure of attending a Tim Hawkins concert.  One of the highlights of the evening was a brief appearance by Bob Smiley.  So today I bring you another Bob Smiley video.  Watch as Bob takes a look at some of the strange things he has […]