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Mar 18, 2014

VIDEO: Bruce Herman, Artist

Bruce's work is a conversation between faith and art, between the past and the present. He sees art as a bridge between eternal truth and contemporary experience, bringing the images of scripture to life for us. In this video from our friends at Laity Lodge , Bruce talks about a...
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Mar 7, 2014

Community Post: A Week of Play

Some folks say they want to "work hard, play hard." My husband and I prefer, "Work steady, play steady." Which means we'll keep doing both, as long as we can. We like work. We believe that work is an amazing privilege of life on planet Earth. We like the way...
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Mar 6, 2014

Community Post: For the Mama of Many (Rethinking Play)

Jumping out of my lap after a round of loving, my son sped down the hall lightning fast. He didn't expect me to chase him. With the younger two, I've become that mommy. I'm good for the love and hugs—that's easy. What I don't want to do - is the...
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Mar 5, 2014

Community Post: What Happened to Recess?

“Men do not quit playing because they grow old; they grow old because they quit playing.” ― Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. If I close my eyes, I can remember where I felt most myself. I was in kindergarten and my teacher announced free time right after lunch. I had already...
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Mar 4, 2014

Community Post: As Long As We Can Laugh About It

There it was again. That playful smirk, the crooked grin, and that spirited look in those green eyes (the ones with unbelievably long lashes for a guy). “Everything is not funny, you know,” I said. Those six simple words, they sliced the air with a weighted dare—one to prove humor...
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Mar 3, 2014

Community Post: The Day the Office Went to the Arcade

In my mid-twenties, I had the opportunity to work for a driven, high-tech information processing company. Teams of systems engineers, like myself, would spend countless months together, working 80 to 100 hours each week, to deliver software for new customer applications. We called those experiences “death marches.” During one particular...
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