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Feb 22, 2014

Community Post: Created to Create

I started my web design class this semester by introducing myself and telling the students why I love to build websites: “For me, it’s more than just art or technology; it’s about creating. I feel joy when I create.” The fifth word in the Bible is “created,” and while we...
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Feb 21, 2014

Our Contributors Create Beauty at Work

When I worked at a non-profit in community relations, my "office" was a desk behind a grey divider near a window. My view of the lot, near an abandoned warehouse, included a dumpster and a dingy pavillion. On days when it was warm, homeless folks who availed themselves of services...
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Feb 20, 2014

Community Post: Beauty from the Outside In

At the end of my husband’s two-mile commute to work, he arrives at a large, red, barn-shaped building at the rear of an office park. A bronze heron, legs trailing as though in flight, rests upon the weather vane atop the cupola on the barn’s roof. As he enters the...
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Feb 20, 2014

Community Post: Creating Beauty with Coffee

I don't have far to look to find beauty at work. Granted, I have three workplaces: at home with my children, at "the office" (a coffee roasting and supply warehouse) and at the coffeeshop/microroastery my husband and I own in Beaver Falls, PA. At home, I'm surrounded by a lovely,...
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Feb 17, 2014

Community Post: An Apologetic on Beauty

I will never again take a font for granted. When I called Michelle to ask about designing a new header for my blog a year ago, I knew her creative skills were out of my league. Her name was given to me by a mutual friend, a church planter who...
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Feb 16, 2014

Community Post: Why a Beautiful Workspace Matters

As I look to my right, I see rolling hills covered with snow outside my window and the sun is shining brilliantly. A little while ago I took my dog out to play in the snow because I need a beauty break. Earlier this morning, on my way to errands,...
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