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Aug 4, 2014

Share Your Story: Helping Employees Fulfill Dreams

I still remember how exhausted I felt during those early years in the newsroom. The daily grind of breaking news was breaking me. And I needed a break from covering natural disasters and political scandals. Like most reporters I knew, I dreamed of being untethered from the daily news, long...
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Jul 30, 2014

Your Work Matters: On Slow Work

I am currently an administrative assistant in the head office of a large nonprofit. I was hired to assist with marketing and communications and spend most days waiting for tasks, answering the occasional email, and working on social media projects. Often I have hours (and hours) which I am free...
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Jul 29, 2014

Your Work Matters: On the Work of Motherhood and Dreams

Lying across the “big bed," an open window invites a breeze to tickle my spine. Stretching out like this feels good for the kink living in my lower back, and I pour myself into the purr escaping my lips. Unplanned moments of self-care are welcomed and I melt into the...
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Jul 28, 2014

Your Work Matters: Choosing Order Over Chaos

He used a device on a tripod and I had no idea how in the world it worked. That was his department. And someone else was hauling the fence posts. Someone else was mixing concrete. My job was to dig the holes centered where the stakes had been meticulously placed...
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Jul 26, 2014

Your Work Matters: Making History (or Not)

I was running afternoon errands and pulled into a parking spot between the Rockrimmon Library Branch and Safeway. First on the list: return library books. Near the library entrance, I spotted a bumper sticker that said, “Well-Behaved Women Don’t Make History,” which immediately triggered some thoughts, including: The woman who...
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Jul 20, 2014

Submit Your Story (Link-up): Your Work Matters to God

The time you nearly died of boredom during a meeting...again. The week you almost quit because you felt insignificant, unappreciated, and underpaid. The year of depression, doubt, and downsizing in which you felt abandoned by God. We want those stories, and we invite you to tell them this week in...
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