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May 27, 2014

Figuring Out Success With the Amish

Are there lessons that the rest of the world can learn from the unusual success of Amish businesses?
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May 5, 2014

Community Post: Against Such Things There is No Law

He sat across from me with hollow eyes and tears tattooed on his cheek. To say that he looked tough was an understatement. If I’m honest, to this small town Iowa girl, being alone in my office with him was a bit intimidating, and, well, scary. He shared his story...
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May 5, 2014

Community Post: Sharing Your Faith When You Work at Home

It was one of those open-and-shut cases. The cancer sprawled through the belly. The surgeon had searched the cavity deep and wide and found no hope. He shook his head, took a few biopsies, and began the close. I’d dabbed the patient’s tears from the corners of her eyes and...
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Apr 25, 2014

Simplicity at Work: Hearing from the High Calling Community

This has been an interesting week as we’ve explored the theme of Simplicity at Work. The thoughts, insights, and variety of thought on the subject has been stunning. While I’ve been sourcing, procuring and soliciting posts on the theme from the High Calling community on the topic, my workplace has...
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Apr 24, 2014

Community Post: Simplicity Simplified

Simplicity Simplified It's moments like this I long for simplicity. When my husband is home sick for a couple days; when winter makes spring appearances leading to full-moon type behavior from the kids; when my work is jolted. When our family isn't well, our home is a mess, and my...
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Apr 23, 2014

Community Post: Why Simplicity is Necessary to Live in a Story that Matters

Do you ever get the sense that life is not supposed to be this way? That we are made for something more, but that our ongoing pursuits of busyness, work, and obligation are slowly draining the life out of our weary soul. No margin exists to pursue our God-given desires...
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